Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Jewish Assault on America & world economies... an assault on the ENTIRE PLANET...

 Is it "unfair" to label the  DESTRUCTION of entire swaths of the planet's natural resources, by increasing industrial CO2 production and resulting higher "global warming" temperatures,  as the product of "THE JEWISH ASSAULT on planet earth"?

   Well, needless to say, this charge may sound completely absurd...   but then, all one need do to  see  what the RULING JUNTA in America is doing to forestall all this climatic and global environmental destruction,   is read the pages of the Jewish owned New York Times and Washington Post...   and, whadda ya know,  as far as the "GENIUSES" and "brilliant writers at the Times & Post and all the other "brilliant"  Jewish owned corporate  media and 'think tanks'  are concerned... THERE IS NO 'global warming' overpopulation, or resource annihilation problem!

    Well,  here's a quick rundown of the  "WAR ON HUMANITY"  consequences of  "PROFIT UBER ALLES"  corporate greed and warmongering - both of which are the Alpha & Omega of the  NY Times, Washington Post, Goldman Sachs,  Rothschilds allied JP Morgan, the Israel War Lobby,  &  etc.   
While the Goddamn-Sachs financial swindlers focus on   BRIBING Congress & the White House to create  an entirely  new tier of "carbon credits"  invitation-to-financial-fraud and creation of more Big Finance monopolies,    
they - the Rubin, Summers, Netanyahu, Blankfein,  Sulzberger, Bernanke, et al crew -  are ACTIVELY SABOTAGING  the protection of  priceless eco-systems like the Amazon,  much less  urgent transformation of America's  energy system from fossil fuel to sustainable sources.

  • Thousands of fish die in Massachusetts due to low oxygen levels caused by warm waters  

  • High temps, low oxygen blamed for fish kill in Pennsylvania

  • High temps, low oxygen blamed for fish kill in North Carolina 

  • High temps, low oxygen blamed for fish kill in Oklahoma 

  • High water temperatures and low oxygen levels cause tens of thousands of fish to wash up on Jersey shore  

  • Heat may have caused NJ fish kill

  • Heat and overcrowding blamed for NJ fish kill

  • Water temperatures of 85 degrees blamed for mass fish kill in New Jersey 

  • Phytoplankton on the Decline:
     The "Fuel" for Ocean Ecosystems May Be Dying Out
      [note: phytoplankton also provide the vast majority of the planet's oxygen regeneration,
    especially with the wholesale destruction of equatorial rain forests.]
    According to a new study published in Nature.

    By Rachel Cernansky |
    Thu Jul 29, 2010
    The health of the oceans may be failing, and it may be worse for the planet than the devastation caused by the loss of tropical rainforest.
    The Daily Mail reports on research out of Canada showing that phytoplankton, "described as the 'fuel' on which marine ecosystems run," are declining at a rate of about 1 percent a year.
    If the researchers' theory proves to be true, it would not only add to evidence that global warming is harming the world's oceans, but would have a more dramatic impact on nature than the loss of tropical rainforests. It would also affect species from tiny zooplankton to large marine mammals—and humans....
     Wishing that these genocidally greedy, entitled, duplicitous, America hating S.O.B.'s  would just "go to hell" is redundant -  under their  "greed and profits over humanity" racist, theocratic, entitled  "bribe Congress, extort-the-peons, social welfare for millionaires"  posing as 'free market capitalism'   insanity,  THE ENTIRE PLANET is going to hell.