Friday, August 20, 2010

Huffington Post belies its NEW YORK NEO-CON (Right-Wing Jewish Warmongers + Financial Fraudsters) roots: Takes up where JOHN BOLTON left off, PIMPING for WAR vs Iran...

 Huffington Post headline + photo PIMPS   WAR vs Iran as a FOREGONE CONCLUSION:
  "How a Strike Might Play Out."  
 This is TYPICAL  Neo-Con DICTATORSHIP TREACHERY,  imposing "FACTS ON THE GROUND" that American democracy is powerless to  unwind or undo, from STOLEN ELECTION 2000,  to LIES-to-WAR vs Iraq, to "tax cuts for rich" in time of war, to   LOOTED BILLONS from the U.S. Treasury & American financial markets, to  ALL the  INSANITY the Jewish War Lobby Neo-Cons and Goddamn-Sachs financial thieves can dream up, and BRIBE U.S. legislators and political "leaders" to enact -   
  In this case,  so-called "liberal" Huffington Post is  BROADCASTING and MEGAPHONING   Jewish Neo-Con crazy JOHN BOLTON's "we have just 8 days to attack Iran" comments as GOSPEL TRUTH!
  Arianna Huffington is now following in the sad, pathetic footsteps of Hank Paulson, Dick Cheney, George W. Bush,  Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, dozens of other influential U.S. politicians, including  even Barack Obama before her:  She is now little more than a "FRONT-wo/MAN" for the radical Right-Wing New York "Neo-Con" Jewish warmongers + Goddamn-Sachs treasury looters lobby. 
   (Hank Paulson was well paid by the Jewish financial swindlers at Goddamn-Sachs to put a  "gentile" front-man face on the very Jewish hedge fund... just as JAMIE DIMON is now doing over at JP Morgan/Chase;   just as George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were little more than front-men for the  "Israel uber alles" PNAC war lobby.)
 (Notice how in their PNAC "Statement of Principles" and "Iraq War Now" 1997 letter to President Clinton,  over half of the signers are blatant, Jewish war lobby, dual-citizenship-with-israel   Neo-Cons, who just got Jeb Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and a half dozen other gentiles to go along for the ride.)  

Sadly, PIMPING for the radical right-wing JEWISH WAR LOBBY + Goddamn-Sachs financial swindlers  is now a long-standing habit for the so-called "LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC"  New York based HuffPost...
  ...HELPING Rahm Emanuel SHOVE the despised RADICAL RIGHT-WING  Republican warmongers & treasury thieving agenda, down  DEMOCRATIC and American throats, is now the full-time business of the deceitful Huffington Post.
  (Here's a previous "Neo-Con hysterical"  HuffPost headline/image link:    "Men with NEO-NAZI TIES" would of course describe the ENTIRE despicable Jewish war lobby Neo-Cons.... who have made alliances with some of the most DESPICABLE DICTATORS on earth to further the Jewish war state (Israel's) agenda,  and, here in America, are fully supportive of the BLACKWATER  "Christian" private army mercenaries in Iraq... and Blackwater neo-fascist gunman with life & death powers patrolling  IN post-Katrina flooded New Orleans AMERICA!   And,  the treacherous, despicable Jewish  Neo-Cons are also  looking the other way at the Christian EVANGELICAL TAKEOVER of the Air Force Academy staff,  and at KARL ROVE's PURGE-GATE PROSECUTIONS of "liberal" Democratic candidates, including Jewish former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, LYNCHED by a RAHM EMANUEL supported KARL ROVE political lynching prosecution;  etc. etc. etc. ad naseum)

   update:  Also note how in another headline-link in today's Huffington Post, how HuffPost editors adopt the  despicable NEW YORK TIMES & WASHINGTON POST "reporting" style: DEVOLVE every important news story into a "he said, she said"   story, which automatically lends credence to the ESTABLISHMENT  point-of-view.
 In the below Dan Froomkin (former WashPost reporter) story, HuffPost suggests that the Obama White House may be LYING  in their  BP Gulf of Mexico oil blowout impact  report...
 But if the White House is lying  about the true impact of the undersea oil-blowout,
 (and of course Team obama/emanuel/BP/Goddamn-Sachs is lying)  it should be a front-page, above fold headline story.... CONFUSING headlines,  BURIED stories, and WHITEWASH LIES are  THE means by which the despicable Washington Post & New York Times help Neo-Cons IMPOSE the despised War State dicatatorship on America.
   By Comparison, today's doesn't mince words for the same story:  < BP Settlements Likely to Shield Top Defendants. Strict Criteria Favor BP. WH Letting BP Get Away With This. >
  At every turn, Huffington Post is now  NEO-CON PROPAGANDA OUTLET:  HELPING CONFUSE American citizens & voters, to ENABLE the Neo-Con,  Jewish Right-Wing  warmongers + treasury looters  HIJACKING of America.
 update 2: Also today, posts a headline link that confirms our above "Jewish Neo-Cons are  now ALLIED WITH neo-fascist 'Christian' groups"  contention - that the DESPICABLE  Jewish Neo-Con media is ENABLING the U.S. military's bias for  EVANGELICAL "Christian" officers  purging  and punishing soldiers who don't conform to EVANGELICAL Christian prosletyzing...
 PURE TREACHERY by the Jewish Neo-Cons, who spent the entire past half-century opposing such blatant mixing (much less military enforcement)  of Church & State,  when Jewish professionals needed to disempower the racist, theocratic Southern Segregationist autocrats, to move up the ladders of American business, government, and press/media influence. 
U.S. Soldiers Punished for Not Attending Christian Concert : Veterans Today
On May 13, 2010, about eighty soldiers, stationed at Fort Eustis while attending a training course, were punished for opting out of attending one of these Christian concerts. The headliner at this concert was a Christian rock band called BarlowGirl, a band that describes itself as taking “an aggressive, almost warrior-like stance when it comes to spreading the gospel and serving God.” Any doubt that this was an evangelical Christian event was cleared up by the Army post’s newspaper, the Fort Eustis Wheel, which ran an article after the concert that began: “Following the Apostle Paul’s message to the Ephesians in the Bible, Christian rock music’s edgy, all-girl band BarlowGirl brought the armor of God to the warriors and families of Fort Eustis during another installment of the Commanding General’s Spiritual Fitness Concert Series May 13 at Jacobs Theater.”