Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Worldwide disgust at Goddamn-Sachs' Neo-Con (Jewish Right-Wing) Economic sabotage, & Jewish War lobby nuclear terrorism, begining to bubble-up: as ISRAEL BOYCOTT gains supporters, the Neo-Con War-lobby media enforcers put on their brown-shirts to counter the worldwide loathing..

 Goddamn-Sachs executives  sold millions of dollars of "securities" to their clients... knowing that the 'securities' were sheer garbage, destined to fail - WHILE the company took out  "credit default swaps" bets on those same garbage securities, in essence betting against their clients, betting that THEIR junk 'securities'  would FAIL after they had been sold to hapless, suckered investors...
(here, here, here, and here, note for this last link, the Washington Post's  textbook  DISINFORMATIVE bureaucratic 'news' speak to fuzzy up the story that Goddamn-Sachs executives were intentionally  selling their clients garbage.  Note also what appears to be an intentional, GOOGLE media/internet to BLOCK, censor, downgrade, and fuzzy-up  responses (links, "hits") to the query, "Golddamn Sachs bet against clients.") 
  Similarly,  Goddamn-Sachs executives BRIBED bankers AND government officials in Greece,  to WHITEWASH, cover-up, mask,  and bury the REAL debt-load already hanging over those Greek banks and treasury... so GS could earny their fraudulent, predatory bonuses and commissions  selling BILLIONS MORE in debt ("loans") to those Greek bankers and treasury officials...

  Now, the worldwide REVULSION to  Goldman-Sachs BLATANTLY FRAUDULENT tactics - which are CLOSELY ALLIED WITH the ISRAEL WAR LOBBY's brutal tactics  - are begining to spill over into international, if not yet widespread, support for a BOYCOTT of the Jewish war state...
Israel Boycott Slammed By Newsweek's Jacob Weisberg: 'The Very Idea Is Repellent' 
If you follow the news closely enough, you might have caught a small item recently noting that Meg Ryan had canceled a scheduled appearance at a film festival in Jerusalem to protest Israeli policy. This was significant not because anyone should care what the nose-crinkling movie star thinks about the Mideast but precisely because no one does. Ryan, a conventional Hollywood Democrat, is a barometer of celebrity politics. Her sort of sheeplike, liberal opinion once reflexively favored Israel. Now it's dabbling in the repellent idea of shunning the entire country.
Read the whole story: Newsweek    
note: Newsweek is owned by the very Neo-Con,  Jewish (Meyer/Graham dominant owners) Washington Post Group.  The Washington Post is a veritable CESSPIT of pro-war, pro GESTAPO TORTURE,  pro-police state, tax-cuts-for-rich IN TIME OF WAR, and pro STOLEN ELECTIONS  warmongering, dictatorial NY, DC, Tel Aviv autocrat war-state propaganda. 
  Insinuating that Meg Ryan is NOT a "thoughtful person" is typical of the pretend  high-brow, but actually low-brow Jewish "mainstream media"  SMEAR tactics, against anyone who doesn't support the Jewish war lobby (Israel war lobby, Likud) in lock-step submission.