Monday, July 19, 2010

United States to give $2.7 Billion to Jewish War state... Not for "Security Aid," but to FOMENT NEW WARS

 9-19-2010:   U.S. Congress  To Grant Israel $2.775 Billion In NO STRINGS ATTACHED, SOCIALISM for  land-stealing Jewish settlers,  "Foment ALL THE WARS YOU CAN... and INSTIGATE as much  terroristm 'blowback' as possible"  "aid" to  the Jewish war state...

The OBVIOUS question is, "When American 'lawmakers'  hand out  nearly 3 billion dollars, extorted from American taxpayers, to Israel as "aid,"  HOW MUCH of those billions of taxpayer-extorted dollars will come RIGHT BACK TO the Congress, as "campaign donations" KICKBACKS and BRIBE money? 

PR (public relations) and advertising are a huge expense for many businesses.
  One marketing blog tallies auto industry advertising spending  in America at $9.41 billion for one year (2008) alone,  with GM accounting for nearly $3 billion of that total.
   Auto sales is a famously advertising heavy industry and market sector, but in the case of the Israel war lobby, it is clear that a few million dollars in a congressman or senator's campaign slush-fund kitty, is going to have a much better impact on future American "aid" dollars to Israel, than a similar budget spent on TV advertising  would. 

  This is the process: Billions upon billions of American taxpayer dollars to Israel, and, in return, billions of dollars shipped back to America to bribe, extort, and intimidate our Congress, senators,  presidents, and business (especially press/media and defense conglomerates)  - by which America is ENSLAVED by the Jewish war lobby.
  This is also the process by which the Financial Terrorists on Wall Street - the Golddamn-Sachs & JP Morgan dominated, very privately owned Federal Reserve banking cartel - is WAGING WAR on the American economy. 
  Over our coming posts, we will detail and demonstrate that the Golddamn-Sachs/JPM  financial swindlers and economy killing economic extortionists ("Economic Hit Men"), and the Jewish war lobby, are one and the same... and that they despise, and are as contemptuous of, AMERICAN citizens, workers, and taxpayers, as they are contemptuous and hateful of their despised Palestinian and other neighbors. 
U.S. To Grant Israel 2.775 Billion In Security Aid

U.S.. Assistant Secretary of State, Andrew Shapiro, stated Friday that the Washington intend to grant Israel the amount of 2.775 Billion U.S.. Dollars in what was described as the largest military-security aid to Israel. He said that the money is considered a special military-security aid to Israel in order to ensure "its security needs are met under the current circumstances". The Obama administration already asked the Congress to grant this amount to Israel.