Tuesday, July 27, 2010


For those who  may feel that we here at "The Jewish Wars" are an "anti-Semitic" group, we respond - 
"WE are trying to help SALVAGE the American SOCIAL SAFETY NET, for ALL Americans...  including for JEWISH working & middle-class families,  as well as for the millions more  non-Jewish  families who make up the population majority in America."  

 And one very simple issue illustrates just how TREACHEROUS, if not TREASONOUS, the Jewish Right-Wing millionaires and billionaires are:   NOT ONE  Jewish billionaire, is SPEAKING OUT  in support of the AMERICAN SOCIAL SAFETY NET, that took 100+ years of blood, sweat, toil, tears, standing up to murderous segregationists and murderous  union-busting bosses** to create...
   the 100+ years legacy of fighting for PENSIONS,  against  CHILD LABOR, for job safety, health benefits, and secure jobs... the very things that made America the ENVY of the post-WWII world, is now UNDER ASSAULT by the COORDINATED efforts of the INSANELY GREEDY Jewish billionaires, New York & D.C. "neo-cons," and Tel Aviv Likudniks. 

** (UAW founding President Walter Reuther survived TWO ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS by FoMoCo in his efforts to  unionize Ford's auto & steel plants... and that doesn't include two other beatings that nearly left Reuther for dead.   In the 1920s era  "Colorado mining wars" and "Battle of Blair Mountain, W.Va" anti-union mine-owners, including the Rockefellers, hired machine-gun armed "security" in  armored cars - the predecessors to today's Blackwater gunmen -  to shoot up striking miners and their tent camps... wives and children notwithstanding.)   

    Max Keiser and Alan Grayson are two of the very rare exceptions,  INTENTIONALLY OUTSPOKEN CRITICS of the Neo-Con (right-wing Jewish) ASSAULT on the American economy, our jobs, our benefits, our savings
 (much less our pension funds,  which might as well be stolen piggy-banks with the lust that GS, JPM, Wassserstein-Perella;  KKR , and other loan-shark  LBO  takeover  funds  anticpate smashing them and looting their contents) 
and our Treasury... and even Mr. Grayson is awful shy on CONNECTING THE DOTS  between who it is that RUNS  Goddamn-Sachs and the Obama/Emanuel  White House
 (much less the Bush-Cheney-Libby-Mukasey-Chertoff-Wolfowitz-Perle-Feith-Bolton-Bolten et al, ad naseum 2001-2008 presidency) 
and the DISASTROUS,  ECONOMY GUTTING, treasury looting, investor defrauding  policies that Congressman Grayson so frequently speaks out against.

 As Senator Ted Kennedy shouted out before he lost his courageous battle with cancer,

  WHEN will the INSANELY GREEDY, INSANELY ENTITLED,  INSANELY treacherous, anti-American  Jewish bankers & BILLIONAIRES, stop trying to GUT the pensions and social safety nets of their fellow Americans? 

 HOW MANY MORE BILLIONS will it take,  in their extorted & looted (from American working families) bank vaults and  stock options, before they stop treating AMERICAN FAMILIES with the sneering contempt that concentration camp guards treated work camp inmates
    No doubt there are also  non-Jewish  billionaires who are also part of the Right-Wing JIHAD to DISMANTLE Social Security, and DESTROY the American social safety net.   In a previous post,  we included  video of Professer William Black explaining that  WARREN BUFFET, America's favorite "kindly grandfather" billionaire,  is FULLY ALLIED with the GODDAMN-SACHS dominated effort to DEFRAUD American investors (and pensioners), Buiffet pretending not to notice the GROTESTQUELY, BLATANTLY,  outrageously FRAUDULENT ratings that  his (Warren Buffet majority owner)  Moody's rating agencies assigned to garbage, "toxic," bottom-of-the-barrel 'securities' sold to investors, and especially pension fund managers, who were literally risking BILLIONS of pensioner dollars on what we now know were sheer GARBAGE 'securities.'

  But  WARREN BUFFET is not NEARLY as influential in the halls of Congress, in the corridors of power in New York and D.C.,  in the "major media" 'news' outlets and media organizations, as the GODDAMN-SACHS lobbyists and   SULZBERGER New York Slimes,  Meyer/Graham Washington Post,   Time/WARNER/cnn,    Zell owned  Chicago Tribune & Florida 'Sun' papers, and other blatantly   neo-con Big Finance, Israel lobby,  & media outlets  are.   

   WHAT ALL the above  Neo-Con COWARDS and  economic backstabbers have in common, is that they are ALL ALLIED in their effort to  TRASH the American social safety net... 

   ...but they will ALL  cry and scream  "anti-semitism!"  if you point out  THEIR  network cabal of lies, smears,  disinformation, and relentless efforts to DEFRAUD and DENY Americans out of hard-won, hard earned,   100+ years-in-making, envy of the post WWII world,   social safety net.
 (ps:  btw, you will NEVER hear an "American"  "conservative" Jewish media critic or talking head  EVER  condemn or  complain about ISRAEL's, 
  ___U.S. taxpayer subsidized__    SOCIALIZED  medical system, welfare-state,  or social safety net.)