Monday, July 26, 2010

Obama's TREACHERY: his Financial 'Reform' Bill is GUARANTEED to RECREATE the RATINGS AGENCY FRAUDS, & FINANCIAL cover-ups, that led to the America's 2008 markets meltdowns...

 (note: In no way does our quoting, citing,  linking & embeding to Real News' interview with Professor William Black constitute an endorsement of  our "The Jewish Wars" blog by either Real News or Prof. Black, or any other sources we cite.  
  However, if no one else will MAKE THE CONNECTIONS between the FRAUDULENT, PREDATORY, and "FINANCIAL HOLOCAUST" policies discussed by Professor Black in this video interview... "FINANCIAL HOLOCAUST" policies being legislated by  the U.S. Congress, government, and White House,    and those who are MOST ENERGETICALLY endorse, support, and advocate for those "financial holocaust" policies - those whose FIRST LOYALTY is to Golddamn-Sachs & the JEWISH WAR LOBBY (which - the Jewish War Lobby,  &  GoddamnSachs Wall Street financial swindlers,  are one and the same)...     then we will have to.)   

The JEWISH ASSAULT ON AMERICA -  1990s S&L  bailouts (then called "Resolution Trust co.")  investigator Professor William K. Black explains how the  "of, by, and for GODDAMN-SACHS" administration
(Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Lawrence Summers, Gary Gensler,  Mary Schapiro,  Jacob Lew, Jared Bernstein, Tim Geithner,  et al, ad naseum)
is engaged in "a FINANCIAL HOLOCAUST"   against American consumers, investors, working families, and taxpayers,  because the Emanuel/obama administration's much touted, so called "Financial Reform bill"  IS A SHAM that GUARANTEES  A NEW ROUND of  FINANCIAL CRISIS...
  Obama's bill will _allow_  large hedge funds and big banks to  CONTINUE  BRIBING credit rating agencies to deliver FRAUDULENT credit ratings  and financial  reports,  that will ENABLE Goddamn-Sachs, JPM, and other connected large funds & mega-banks in their FUTURE efforts to DEFRAUD consumers & investors.
   The lax oversight and  new 'invitation-to-ratings-FRAUD' rules in Obama's so-called "Financial Reform" legislation, will  ENABLE Goddamn-Sachs, JPM,  and other large banks & hedge-funds to CONTINUE LOOTING  consumers, allowing them to sell trash, garbage, s*** securities to "rate-of-return" chasing pension-fund &  mutual-fund managers,
   who have been DECEIVED by the FRAUDULENT ratings issued by the Goddamn-Sachs'   in-the-pocket ratings agencies,  giving  triple-A (AAA) ratings,
 "as secure as government treasury bond"  ratings  to Goddamn-Sach's sheer financial trash.

 Keywords & terms to look for in Mr. Black's interview by RealNews:  
  • "A competition in Laxity" - the banks  BRIBE  ratings agencies to write NONSENSICAL "AAA" ratings for toxic 'securities'
  •   "Warren Buffet - owners of Moody's rating agency" - Mr. Buffet, the OWNER of one of the 3 large ratings agencies, PRETENDS NOT TO NOTICE the RAMPANT FRAUD his company dishes out, whenever the banks waive a new ratings contract under Moody's nose...
  •  (Mr. Buffet is ALLIED WITH the Goddamn-Sachs/Jewish War Lobby financial predators & Economic Hit Men  in the predatory financial ATTACKS on American investors, and on the American  economy)
  •  "Liar's loans,"  toxic-crud,"  "twenty-five levels LOWER than triple-A"
  •  "accounting firms and appraisers,"
  •  "Greshom's Dynamic - cheaters & least moral people prosper, drive honest examiners and accounting companies out of business"
  •  "the EPIDEMIC in mortgage fraud" - "causality" - warned in September 2004
  •   the Obama-'Democrats'  bill  IGNORES  WHITE COLLAR CRIME
  •  "somebody had a REALLY MALICIOUS sense of humor"
  •  "they put the new Consumer Protection Agency IN TO the Federal Reserve, THE LEADING OPPONENT of PROTECTING CONSUMERS"
  THE FEDERAL RESERVE is  DOMINATED BY Jewish owned banks & hedge funds (Besides Goddamn-Sachs, Bear-Stearns, Lehman Bros, Salomon Brothers, and other major Wall Street firms being blatantly Jewish owned companies, even the WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) side of  Wall Street - including   JP Morgan, Morgan-Stanley,  Rockefeller's Chase bank, and New York City bank (now Citi banking conglomerate)  have all  been 100+ year allies of the Rothschilds,  City-of-London based European banking cartel.  Many financial historians  suspect  these large, American "WASP" owned banks, especially JP Morgan, City, and Chase,   were merely  the front  banks for the Rothschilds cartel at the creation of the U.S Federal Reserve VERY PRIVATE banking cabal in 1913, which  "federal reserve"  USURPED the MONEY CREATION PROCESS from the US government as stipulated in Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution.) 

 Today, an experienced former government prosecutor is not creating hyperbole when he spills the beans that  the FED RESERVE very private banking cartel  is  HOSTILE to American consumers - it is a TITANIC THEFT and  FRAUD organization... just as it was set up to be nearly 100 years ago. Among the many tools in the Fed's arsenal to INTENTIONALLY DEFRAUD American consumers and investors, is  the Fed's setting up lax rules that ALLOW banks and large funds to  INTENTIONALLY declare BANKRUPTCY - FOR PROFIT... a travesty of  financial "responsibility" (much less the banksters' own favorite catch-phrase to describe the "toxicity" of  helping financial debeats..."moral hazard")  that has morphed, over the past ten years, into
the DIRECT EXTORTION of the American public by  "BAILOUTS" for bankrupt "too big to fail" bankers, via their bribed, extorted, and cowardly Congress...  
  "Looting: The Economic Underworld of BANKRUPTCY FOR PROFIT"
by George A. Akerlof, Paul M. Romer, The Brooking Institute, 1993