Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Neo-Con's PURGE of Old-Guard Republicans... AND Democrats... reveals the Jewish War Lobby purging potential opponents, consolidating ?

 correction: In our below post, we wrote that  Texas billionaires and Republican  "Pioneers" multi-millions-dollars campaign donors Charles and Sam  Wiley ('the Wiley brothers'), were facing DoJ prosecutions.   Instead, they are being sued by an  SEC investigation into allegations of fraud.
 Never-the-less, given all the titanic fraud in New York, on Wall Street, and in world financial markets, it is "curious" that the  "Obama'  (Emanuel) administration chose  this moment to unleash SEC and Congressional investigations into  Charley Rangel, Maxine Waters, and the Wiley brothers - a perfect set of  "DIVERSION and DISTRACTION" issues to keep the  "mainstream media" puppets on a full-time feeding frenzy for the next few weeks?
 It really is amazing, how the Jewish war lobby   wallows   in its ability to so easily stage manage the  ENTIRE New York, DC, and national media/press-corpse by the sprinkling of a few delicious, well timed  DoJ, SEC, or congressional' investigations'.

Three interesting prosecutions by the Obama government and Pelosi Congress (which is to say, the Jewish War lobby)   reveal an interesting - and potentially chilling - trend:   Is this  a PURGE of  Old-Guard Republicans & Democrats alike, designed to consolidate the Jewish War Lobby's dictatorial,  stranglehold control of both of the (2 major) political parties-  much as Hitler's various purges after the Reichstag fire (1933) and subsequent  "Enabling Acts," "Night of Long Knives,"  and "Kristallnacht" (1938)  led to his absolute, unassailable WAR POWERS on the eve of his September 1938 invasion of Poland (and start of WWII proper)?

  One thing is certain: Maxine Waters and Charley Rangel are two "old guard" Black Congressional Caucus Democrats who are opposed to Mr. Obama's expanding wars in Mideast (Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia...Iran) and Central Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan...)
and they both have enough seniority and power in the Democratic (Pelosi) Congress to throw some serious roadblocks in the Jewish War Lobby's insidious,  relentless, remorseless, and billions-of-dollars-of-lobbying  efforts to expand those  "American" wars.
 Ergo - another political LYNCH-MOB  "hit job," by the Emanuel/Summers/Axelrod/Schapiro  (et al) insanely hypocritical and corrupt  Jewish war lobby White House,   to knock Waters and Rangel out of the picture for good. 

    Another thing is for certain:  The Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Libby, Muksasey, Chertoff, Bolton, Bolten, Wurmser, Zackheim, Specter, Coleman, Cantor (et al, ad infinitum)  Jewish Republican Neo-Cons were very  closely allied with the Bush-Cheney "Pioneer" Southern Republican  ("WASP" - White Anglo-Saxon Prostestant)  donors and "Pioneers" (elite Bush supporters & fundraisers) - including especially the Texas Wiley brothers, whose donations to the "Swift Boat Liars Against Kerry" (along with other donations including those by  noted Jewish Missouri big donor businessman  Sam Fox) - and  IN CONCERT with Cheney's then Jewish war cabal Vice Presidential Chief of Staff, I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby's  PERJURY and OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE in the  Plame-gate, C.I.A. outing scandal -   helped Bush, Cheney  and the Republicans  STEAL the election of 2004 from the hapless, aloof, if not cowering Dem. presidential candidate John Kerry. 

  What is seldom remarked on in America's  "free press" major media, is that
 -  Summers, Bernstein, Axelrod, Kagan, Klain, Lew, Orszag, Steinberg, Sutphen (etc.)  and especially Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel - charter members of the Jewish war state lobby, are ALSO CLOSELY ALIGNED with the  Bush-Cheney administration's decade long war  goals,  the clearest (and most chilling) example of this is the recent  WHITEWASH wrist-slap the Emanuel/Obama/Holder 'Justice' Department gave to those Bush-Cheney administration & DoJ officials connected with Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales' PURGE-GATE prosecutions - the most infamous persecution prosecution victim   of whom was  JEWISH former Alabama Democratic Governor  DON SIEGELMAN, convicted in a court of a hyper-partisan Republican judge,  by a prosecution initiated by U.S. District Attorney Leura Canary - only THE WIFE of Bill Canary, in 2002 the CAMPAIGN MANAGER for Governor Siegelman's Republican gubernatorial opponent Bob Riley!!  
This "political assassination" of a ranking Democratic Jewish elected official, echoes Netanyahu's Likud Party orchestrated  actual (murder) ASSASSINATION of then  Jewish state PRIME MINISTER Yitzhak Rabin in 1995... and here

  (Note how, in  just listing  a few of the  OBVIOUS CONNECTIONS between the current Obama administration Neo-Con "Democrats," and the policies and Neo-Con personel of the previous, blatantly  right-wing Republican warmongering Bush-Cheney administration, leads to a detour that can take entire paragraphs and pages to detail.)

   So we have CHARLEY RANGEL,  the Wiley Brothers, and MAXINE WATERS all facing either prosecutions, investigations,  or intense Congressional attention - AS the insanely corrupt Obama administration  provides a tremendous  WHITEWASH "free pass" to Goddamn-Sachs, JPM (JP Morgan-Chase),  and all the other tremendous Wall Street frauds, ponzi-schemes, and  titanic scandals that led to the savaging of America's economy in the 2008 economic and market meltdowns - INCLUDING a "whitewash" free pass for White House Chief of Staff Emanuel's role in the FREDDIE MAC CORRUPTION SCANDAL when Emanuel was a paid Director of the Board at Freddie, and including  this most recent story of Obama's insane "look the other way to titanic corruption on Wall Street," aloofness  as  Citi-bank executives just got a FREE PASS on the investigation into nearly FORTY BILLION dollars of  "SUBPRIME" mortgage FRAUD...
  while the Emanuel, Obama,  MARY SCHAPIRO S.E.C. goes after Maxine Waters!!  

  Needless to say, part of the Obama administration's  LENIENCY towards prosecuting TITANIC FRAUD at Citi bank, is because ROBERT RUBIN was a charter member - for a time, acting Chairman - of  the Citi-group banking cabal - the same uber Neo-Con  (Jewish financial swindler)  operator who was President Clinton's Treasury Secretary in the 1990s!
  Indeed, the only reason that Rubin didn't become Citi-bank's fully invested  Board Chairman, is because by the time he became acting Chairman  he and other Citi execs had managed to drive the conglomerate Citi-group into the cesspit of bankruptcy, failure, and titanic losses, that required BILLIONS of dollars of taxpayer bailouts to paper over and make up!   

  Current Obama White House Chief of Staff RAHM EMANUEL,  current Obama administration Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, current Obama administration Economic Director Lawrence Summers, and current Obama administration Chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission Gary Gensler  are all four Robert Rubin proteges - which explains why the  LYNCH-MOB Obama adminstration  is going after Charley Rangel and Maxine Waters, while giving Bob Rubin and Citi-bank a titanic "FREE PASS" for  FORTY BILLION DOLLARS worth of sub-prime mortgage FRAUD  and financial accounting deceit!
  This is  LYNCH-MOB America, directed by the Jewish war lobby,  with an Emanuel, Rubin, Summers , Mary Schapiro, and  Barack Obama  face.

  Of these, this new Waters story is the most disturbing:  Hank Paulson, Tim Geithner, and other  GODDAMN-SACHS allied members of the Bush administration were, literally, dishing out  1.5 TRILLION American taxpayer  extorted dollars to "BAIL OUT" the big banks in September 2008...
 (including this little known gift,  by then New York Federal Reserve Bank President Tim Geithner - of $630 BILLION  in Fed "fiat money" "liquidity injections"
 - to the  member/OWNER banks of the Fed Reserve very private banking cabal 
 - Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan-Chase, Citi-bank, BoA, etc. -  THE VERY SAME WEEK that  Bush's Treasury Secretary, and former Goddamn-Sachs Chairman Hank Paulson was begging & extorting hundreds of billions of dollars  from Nancy Pelosi's 110th Congress in the more well known form of the September 2008 "T.A.R.P." $700 billion  bailouts!)
  ....and  Congress-woman Maxine Waters merely used her Congressional clout to insist that a few lousy  millions of those BILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of taxpayer "bailouts" dollars be used to actually help save a local, community based bank...
  the community based bank in HER community, that SHE had THE FAITH to invest in!

 Indeed, we here at The Jewish Wars have been wondering "WHERE the hell  is Obama S.E.C. Chairwoman MARY SCHAPIRO - and why haven't we heard of any major investigations (much less prosecutions) by the Securities & Exchange Commission as America's economy is stuck in the cesspit of titanic frauds and relentless destruction of financial markets?"  - and the answer - that Schapiro's SEC is going after Maxine Waters - is a political  FARCE of biblical proportions, made possible only by the Jewish war lobby's abject control of the American press/media.

 "They" are really  wallowing, if not gloating, in their dictatorial, persecution, prosecution, and political purge powers -     THIS IS PURE, COMMMISSAR PURGE  by the Jewish war lobby - and of course our  "major media" yakking heads are entirely too clueless, incompetent, and corrupt to link, or connect,  these very simple  NEO-CON WAR LOBBY intimidations, prosecutions, and purges political dots.    

 Charley Rangel tossed under the Bush by  Obama co.
(which is to say, "The Rahm Emanuel administration") - 

Another "Old Guard" Black Democrat, Maxine Waters, faces a similar political whack job by Obama co:
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