Monday, July 19, 2010

Neo-Con multi-millionaire Warmongers HILLARY and Mrs. ALAN GREENSPAN (aka Andrea Mitchell) PIMP FOR MORE WAR Afghanistan...

 We're reminded of a post we recently read on-line (at FireDogLake?) by a blog writer who compared the expanding US wars in Iraq & Afghanistan - the JEWISH WARS -  to the horrific WWI battle of Passendaele, which she had recently visited,  where British generals ordered, literally,  tens of  THOUSANDS of British soldiers to their doom, attacking well placed German machine-gun, mortar, and artillery positions - through, literally, a sea of MUD, collapsed trenches,  and huge, water-filled shell craters which would drown even uninjured soldiers who fell off the duckboards into the deadly morass  - and how the millions of British, German, and French soldiers who fought and survived the war on "the Western Front"  did so IN VAIN - they were no better off after the war THEIR "superiors' and SOCIAL ELITES had waged than they were before the war, and that doesn't include the millions of wounded and traumatized war veterans for whom the rest of their lives would be filled with moments of recalled terror or severe injury trauma.
  Well, in  textbook "banality of evil"  War-pimping propaganda,  here are two NEO-CON MULTIMILLIONAIRES - Hillary Clinton and Mrs. ALAN GREENSPAN - better known to viewers as MSNBC "news" host ANDREA MITCHELL - PIMPING for the EVER EXPANDING U.S. WAR in Afghanistan,  Andrea practically prods Hillary to get the REAL war on in Pakistan...

 Speaking of "MSNBC 'breaking news' about the economy"  Andrea Mitchell is one of the
rare Neo-Cons war-pimps who is also an unabashed  "economy"  "expert" - it is her husband, ALAN GREENSPAN, after all, who has PRESIDED over the  LOOTING and PLUNDER of  FOURTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS of American household wealth, by the Neo-Con (Jewish Right-Wing)  GoddamnSachs/JPMorgan-Chase/City-of-London (Rothschilds)  "Federal  Reserve" VERY PRIVATE financial extortion banking cartel over the past 2 dozen years. 
 Other Neo-Con  WAR PIMPS who are also self-proclaimed 'finance' and "economics" experts including JOE LIEBERMAN - Chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, AND relentless advocate of all things financial, market, insurance, and banking in the Senate (Lieberman comes from Connecticut, "The insurance state," and of course is intimately tied with the Wall Street GS/JPM bankers and extortionists),
  - as was PAUL WOLFOWITZ - the "Architect of the Iraq War," (who, DESPITE his "NATIONAL SECURITY" "EXPERTISE,"  did NOTHING to prevent the 9-11 hijackers from having one hell of a successful day), Wolfowitz was 'promoted' by President Bush to be the PRESIDENT of the WORLD BANK - despite Wolfo's having NO PRIOR economic or financial experience... besides overseeing the invasion, occupation, and CONQUISTADOR LOOTING, PILALGING, PLUNDER, and DESTRUCTION of Iraq!  (which is EXACTLY the point!)
 - and finally, RAHM EMANUEL - the effective or de facto President of the United States (since Barack Obama is too scared to get out of bed without Neo-Con, Jewish warmongering approval)  was also given a job as  "INVESTMENT BANKER" for  Leveraged Buy Out artists Wasserstein-Perella,  Emanuel, like Wolfowitz, having NO PRIOR FINANCIAL EXPERIENCE,  but as the Jewish War-lobby's designated Economic Hit Man in the Clinton White House (where he worked in concert with, and as a protege of, Clinton Treasury Secretaries Robt Rubin & Lawrence Summers), Emanuel traded his political cudgel for an "investment banker's" meat-cleaver, long enough to amass $18 million as a token of appreciation from the Wall Street "LOOT, PILLAGE, and PLUNDER"  LBO  economic hit men.

 THESE are the policies -  GUTTING the U.S. economy by Wall Street economic hit men;   FORCING American taxpayers to pay for BOTH "BAILOUTS"  AND   EVER EXPANDING WARS - that JEWISH WAR LOBBYISTS  Hillary Clinton and Andrea Mitchell PIMP EVERY DAY.