Saturday, July 31, 2010

Make no mistake: U.S. military is running Death Squad and sniper assassination missions in Afghanistan (in addition to UAV remote piloted "robot assassination" flying missile armed drones)

The German magazine Spiegel reports  that American forces in Afghanistan are using "targeted assassinations."  
We'll return to this post, and update it to include a brief discussion of the "DOOMSDAY BOOK" census of each and every Afghan male in US occupied war zones, following a similar census  (the original "Doomsday book") instituted by William the Conqueror as his Norman knights and nobles asserted their bloody, brutal, and ruthless dictatorship  occupation of  then Anglo-Saxon dominated England after his victory over English   King Harold and his  (equally brutal and ruthless)  Anglo-Saxon army  in 1066. 

 Task Force 373 & Targeted Assassinations

US Elite Unit Could Create Political Fallout for Berlin

By Matthias Gebauer, John Goetz, Hans Hoyng, Susanne Koelbl, Marcel Rosenbach and Gregor Peter Schmitz
The war logs provide new information about the targeted killings done by the secretative US Task Force 373. The fact that the force has a unit stationed on a German base could prove embarrassing for Berlin.