Thursday, July 29, 2010

The JEWISH ASSAULT on America: Jewish owned TIME magazine... pimps SLASHING summer vacation for American families!

They really are despicable....

   And talk about  "the Grinch who stole Christmas"!   

   The Neo-Con hatchet-men, economy killers,  media pimps, whores,  and social-safety-net gutting thugs at TIME magazine have a cover story about to hit newstands this week, pimping....   
THE END of  SUMMER VACATION as we Americans have come to know it!
 The Case Against Summer Vacation
By David Von Drehle  
TIME magazine, July 22, 2010,8599,2005654,00.html 

      There is nothing "new" in this latest TIME  "economic hit men,  intellectual, press/media thugs"  report, of course - it is just another in a decades long string  of articles, reports, and op-ed opinion columns by the Neo-Con (Jewish right-wing)
 would-be masters-of-the-universe, trying to CONDITION American working-stiffs (and even white-collar  families) to just passively GIVE UP a LITTLE BIT MORE of the  income, economic security,  job benefits, and economic rights we Americans have come to treasure - and take for granted - these past 5 decades since WWII  (and the New Deal)  pulled American workers and the American economy out of the Great Depression.
   Fortunately, ExiledOnLine's John Dolan delivered a magnificent takedown of the "Grinch who stole summer vacation" Neo-Con archetype, when Exiled deconstructed New York Times op-ed "intellectual" HATCHET MAN  and Neo-Con enforcer thug Tom Friedman, way back in June 2000...
 before the Bush,  Cheney, Wolfowitz, Libby and Rove Rethuglicans had even stolen election 2000.
   During   that  long, crucial summer before the critical  presidential election of 2000 - were Americans going to continue to grow the economy with jobs and low deficits, or was Bush Jr. going to REPEAT the ECONOMIC RECESSION of 1992 that his father, President Bush Sr. enabled during in his one term and president, and two terms as Vice President - the dismal, despicable, Jewish (Sulzberger) owned New York Times (and very Neo-Con  Meyer/Graham owned Washington Post) were studiously painting serial scandal tainted Texas Governor George W. Bush as a "straight shooting guy you'd like to have a beer with," while with equal verve and energy the Times and Post were studiously painting Dem. Presidential candidate Al Gore as a "serial exaggerator."    
  (Bureaucratic 'news-speak' code for "serial liar.")

  This media bias - "hit" pieces against Al Gore, light-hearted, superficial cover-ups and whitewashes for the Texas governor...
(specifically, failing to energetically examine Gov. Bush's busted budgets,  SLASHED social safety net for low-income Texans; falling public education standards, all   caused by tax-cuts-for-wealthy-Texans; and dozens of other Bush  career and lifetime scandals, especially Bush's appalling  "AWOL" absent-without-leave  record during his Air National Guard service during the Vietnam war years)
...was worth MILLIONS of dollars to the Bush campaign, and millions more in  PR damage to the Democratic campaign - WHICH WERE the  intentions of the Neo-Con Times & Post.
  So during that long dismal summer of 2000, when the Neo-Con Post & Times were smearing VP (presidential candidate) Al Gore, and giving a tremendous "free pass" to Bush and  Cheney,  John Dolan at ExiledOnLine  wrote a brilliant  deconstruction of  NY Times columnist Tom Friedman
 as nothing more than the bullying,  hack, brutal hypocrite  mouthpiece for the Neo-Con empire, an empire so triumphant that its propaganda spokesmen and megaphones  are intentionally dull and vapid.  Dolan's takedown is so original, so creative ("the cruder the metaphor, the more frightening"), and so insightful into the bullying, modern-day ethnic-cleansing + imperial conquering mindset of the NY/DC neo-cons,  that in our estimation it deserves comparison with Jonathan Swift's  great satire deconstruction of the English occupation of Ireland in 1729,  when Swift wrote "A Modest Proposal" as a tongue-in-cheek suggestion that English and Anglicized Irish landlords purchase babies from poor Irish mothers, to prepare,  cook and dine on the infants as a means of alleviating the poverty and near famine conditions the Irish endured under English occupation.
 Bottom line according to Friedman's New York Times Neo-Con propaganda tripe, masquerading as commentary:  YOU CAN'T RESIST the EMPIRE. 
YOU will be forced to compete in the job market with Chinese, Indian, and other Asian (South American, African, etc.) workers earning a dollar or two a day. Resistance is futile,   the "economic geniuses" on Wall Street  will relentlessly seek out and institutionalize every 'race to the bottom' wage-cut, union contract trashing, and worker job & benefits  slashing, not to overlook PENSION RAIDING tactic  that they can find and dream up, with an army of accountants, lawyers (often bribed former congressional staffers), and executives   peering at those American  employee benefit contracts under microscopes & magnifying glasses for months on end.
< Unfortunately, the Golden Straitjacket [he might as well call it the "Goddamn-Sachs straightjacket"!]   is pretty much ‘one size fits all.’ So it pinches certain groups, squeezes others….It is not always pretty or gentle or comfortable. But it’s here and it’s the only model on the rack this historical season. >
  So as you see, the Jewish owned,  very Neo-Con  New York Times, AND the Jewish  owned (CNN/Time/Warner co.) very Neo-Con  TIME magazine, AND the Jewish owned (Meyer/Graham) Washington Post,  are all  WORKING TOGETHER (and have been for at least a decade) like the bleating sheep in George Orwell's Animal House, to acclimatize Americans  to  THE LOSS of WAGES & benefits, to the destruction of the American era of high wages, upward social mobility, affordable education, and a robust American social safety ... now including, if the Time/Warner Neo-Cons have  their way,  even the sad demise of  America's beloved  SUMMER VACATION!

 AS, mind you, the New York, Neo-Con, Goddamn-Sachs + City-of-London  Tel Aviv  bankers who are the financial arm of the Neo-Con (Jewish)  Time, CNN, Newsweek, WashPost, NYTimes (et al) media empires, virtually bask in, GLOAT over, their  billions-of-dollars of  American TAXPAYER extorted  "bailouts" 'bonus' riches!  

  Yes, IT IS A CABAL, it IS  an ASSAULT on  American families, our working public, and our American economy, and all you have to do is:
 a.)  DECODE the tripe  the Neo-Con treasury looting, warmongering pimps & whores  relentlessly shove down our throats (including GUTTED benefits, LOOTED pensions, outsourced jobs, and even a  Neo-Con JIHAD on Christmas and now summer vacation!)
b.) LINK those horrible, bullying "news" stories they shove down our throats,  with the OWNERS of those media outlets that are so gleefully  shilling for the Neo-Con banksters and warmongers.

 In this case, the  Time/Warner/CNN owned  Neo-Con "to hell with American families!"   TIME magazine,  is pimping for the Wall Street, Goddamn-Sachs, JPM, & City-of-London   financial extortionists, benefits slashers,  & economy-killers - trying to condition the American public - their own readers! - that America's beloved SUMMER VACATION is now just a bygone dream.

 p.s. - While Time's economy-killing 'journalistic' hatchet-man David Von Drehle's argument ostensibly  focuses on summer break for students, its far greater import, from the perspective of Von Drehle's TIME editors and publisher(s), is to condition Americans for what Professor Ravi Batra calls "the Pooring of America."   This is the Neo-Con press/media at its most despicable treacherous - PRETENDING concern for American families - in this case, America's  high school students, and especially low income Americans ("those who can least afford it") - even as TIME's writers and editors are actually pimping WHOLESALE ASSAULT on America's public education resources, job and income security, job benefits,  our social safety net, etc.   In fact,   this is  now s.o.p.  (standard operating procedure) for the despicable, treacherous Neo-Con press & media - PRETEND CONCERN for the American quality of life (because that is what sells newspapers and magazines), while actually insidiously working to SABOTAGE and DESTROY same. 
 ( IF the editors and publishers of the despicable Neo-Con propaganda outlet  cnn/Time/Warner-bros. owned TIME magazine were genuinely concerned with the education of America's students and  the welfare of American  families with school aged children,  TIME would write more stories demanding  that our high school students BE EDUCATED in THINGS THAT MATTER for the adult lives of high school graduates;  topics like how America's CREDIT CARD and LOAN industries operate (typically always looking for new fees, fines, "penalty" interest rates at 30% to gouge their card holders and loan buyers);  how the United States' financial system is OWNED by the VERY PRIVATE  Federal Reserve banking cartel.. and how, at the moment, according to the Fed Reserve's own webpage, THREE out of FIVE Fed Reserve Board Members are Jewish.
Now the only circumstance that could justify such an insanely disproportionate representation of Jewish financail bureaucrats at the very top of the U.S. financial system would be that they are just so amazingly more competent and gifted in leading this vital part of America's economic oversight,  than any other candidates out there in America.    But since Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has  presided over the  loss of over   $14 TRILLION of  American household wealth since 2007...  and since the Fed can NOT  account for all the BILLIONS (upon trillions) of taxpayer obligated "bailouts," "liquidity injections," and government guaranteed assumption of  private debt (failures) they have dished out to the Goddamn-Sachs, JPM (etc.) bankers,  the argument that Bernanke, Marsh, and Kohn's have "superior"  competence to other potential Fed Reserve Board Directors  goes flying out the window.

 (Current Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, then New York Fed Reserve branch president, dished out $630 BILLION in "liquidity injections" FREE MONEY to Wall Street, in one week alone - the same week that then Bush Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson was begging/extorting $700 billion in "T.A.R.P." "bailouts"  from Nancy Pelosi and her 110th Congress!  Which is exactly why the  Goddamn-Sachs, JPM, and other Wall Street banksters love Bernanke & Geithner so much - the insanely corrupt duo give the Wall Street loan sharks and  ponzi scheme con artists  billions. upon trillions,  of taxpayer-obligated  bailouts dollars -  then LOSE the receipts, much less i.o.u.'s!)   
   We have outlined the above premeditated destruction of America's economy, under the tender mercies of Greenspan and  Bernanke's Fed,  in concert with the fraudulent and predatory mega-banks,  in just several paragraphs - the treacherous and deceitful TIME magazine doesn't even try to explain the   real  working of America's predatory, fraudulent, and deceitful financial elites to its readers, even as it  pretends to look out for the interests of America's working class and middle class  families.