Saturday, July 31, 2010

Four more years, at least, of Obama's Afghanistan war..

a good press service photo captures Obama looking authortarian & autocratic.
Obama and Biden, like Cheney and Bush before them, are merely fronts for the Neo-Cons
(Jewish warmongers) and Jewish Wars... as even a casual examination of the personel staffing the top tiers of the two "opposing" administrations reveals.. 
Obama Waving Splash
  < ...even as the public's patience with the war in Afghanistan is growing shorter, the timeline for an American troop withdrawal appears to be growing longer.
There are increasingly clear signs that President Obama's vow to start withdrawing American troops less than a year from now will be fulfilled through a technicality if at all, and that the real timeline for significant troop withdrawal - barring a change in course - now extends at least to 2014, if not far beyond.
This from the administration's most prominent opponent of escalation, a man who had earlier said you could "bet on" a "whole lot of people moving out" in July 2011.
The uninspiring Senate testimony in mid-July from Richard Holbrooke, Obama's special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, also raised red flags. Holbrooke repeatedly ducked questions about what the administration's desired "end state" is, and whether things are going along on schedule. He instead pointed senators toward a list of what he called "benchmarks." >