Friday, July 30, 2010

Fathers of Soldiers Killed in Wars, question Neo-Con dominated Congress' EXPANSION of funding... for MORE WARS...

 (note: In no way does our posting of the words spoken, in memory of servicemen sons lost in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, imply that this blog, "The Jewish Wars" has the  approval or support of  speakers, activists, or officials of The Peace House, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
  However, when the father of one son fallen in America's wars in the Middle East asks
  "I don't know, and don't understand, why the Congress does not respond to the sentiments of THE PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES" 
 we here at The Jewish Wars know the shortest, simplest, and most powerful answer that explains every facet of that vital question:  The ENTIRE network of Jewish "leadership" in America - business, financial, political 'elites'  in press & media - are nearly unanimous in their SUPPORT for EXPANDING the U.S. wars in the Middle East, and have the power, influence, and above all extortion and bribery money (much of it funneled directly from Israel - a foreign country BRIBING American leaders) to enforce their EXPANDING WARS AGENDA on America's Congress, presidents, judges, and state and local politicians.
Even   those Jewish leaders who oppose  blank-check for  expanding wars  are either sidelined to financial issues (Congressman Alan Grayson), or run out of Congress entirely.
 (Former Congressman Robert Wexler  had his funding chains yanked so severely by the Goddamn-Sachs,  NY, DC, & Israel lobby Neo-Cons campaign donations &  enforcement brigade  who no longer needed an outspoken Jewish "liberal" in Washington after  the election of Barack Obama in 2008,  that Congressman Wexler quit his House seat in the middle of his term - leaving his constituents UNREPRESENTED for entire months before his vacancy was filled!
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 LEAVING AMERICAN citizens  UNREPRESENTED,   IS the goal and intention of the  anti-American, Israel-uber-alles,  treacherous Jewish Neo-Con warmongers and economy-killing treasury looters who now dominate the entire US government, press/media, and financial worlds - as this heartbreaking video of a protest  that was nearly SHUT DOWN by OKC police "enforcers" of the Neo-Con assault on America reveals.
Oklahoma Fathers of Dead Service Members RALLY AGAINST 
expanded funding [for The Jewish Wars]  -
Oklahoma POLICE show up, and nearly shut down peaceful protest...
Fathers of two military personnel killed in Iraq rallied Thursday Against a $37 billion U.S. military funding bill. 
BY Sonya Colberg, July 30, 2010

 (partial transcript)
Nathanial Batchelder,  Peace House 
"A  COMMUNITY of CONSCIENCE in America and around the world, has grieved AND OPPOSED the US wars in the Middle East over the past 9 years,  that were sold to all of us as an appropriate response to the 9-11 terrorist attacks in 2001. 
   Many of us did approve initial military action into Afghanistan, to capture Osama bin Laden and  disintigrate Al Qaeda.   But the subsequent invasion of Iraq,   and that war, and the consequent inattention and mismanagement of the mission in Afghanistan,  have proven tragic,  beyond imagination.  The Question must be asked, if the US presence in the Middle East is in part, because of America's  obsession with oil, and the three trillion dollars of minerals in Afghanistan that have recently been announced, but have been known about for 20 years.
The tragic deaths of civilians, the destruction of property, and  the growing resistance within Afghanistan inform us that U.S. policy must change."

 Warren Henthorn - son died in U.S. service in Iraq, 2005:
"Only 37% of the American people at this time, are SUPPORTING THESE WARS. 
Yet the Congress just passed a load of money that we do not have.  They are printing the money.
Meanwhile this country IS BROKE, and GOING TO MORE WARS I predict in the future.
 I don't know, and  don't understand, why the Congress does not respond to the sentiments of  THE PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES.
 I think it's time to cut the funds off, get our troops back home, and start taking care of OUR COUNTRY first."

 John Scripsik  - son died in U.S. service in Iraq war in 2007: 
Our son joined the military when we had lost about 300 people in Iraq.
  "I knew that something was wrong when THEY LIED ABOUT THE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, and all the reasons to go to war.   And ahh.. throughout my life, most people will lie for one reason, and that is to make some money.  And I'm wondering if these boys are going to war, to help some big corporate [companies],  be able to get in there and mine the resources.
  When you kill one person in a town over there, it implants [inflames?]  two- to three hundred people that know him and are related to him,
 I think this war is causing us MORE ENEMIES than is gaining us friends."