Sunday, July 25, 2010

Did the Jewish (Israel) Lobby participate in the Ousting of Australia Prime Minister Kevin Rudd?

 Is there _any_ politician in the western world  who, having at one time befriended the Israel lobby,  doesn't get to experience the majesty and "enjoyment" of BEING STABBED IN THE BACK, and devoured alive, by that Jewish war-state (Israel) lobby???
 If Only Rudd Hadn't Expelled That Israeli Diplomat...

The foreign editor of The Australian, Greg (Jerusalem Prize) Sheridan, seems to be suggesting that Australia's Israel lobby, referred to euphemistically as "some friends of Israel," was at least a factor in, if not a party to, the decision to oust Prime Minister Kevin Rudd:
"In some ways [Gillard] has been even more courageous than Rudd in staring down the Left of her party on foreign policy.  There was a vociferous campaign from the Left to stop her from attending the Australia Israel Leadership Forum in Jerusalem in 2008 [sic: 2009]. But she defied it and gave a fine address at Jerusalem's King David Hotel celebrating not only Australia and Israel's friendship, but also the common values of the two nations..."