Friday, July 30, 2010

Andrea Mitchell, of so-called "liberal" MSNBC, pimps MILITARY SECRECY for ALL aspects of US wars - including Killing of Civilians by U.S. military, and possible war crimes...

update:  MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell  interviews WikiLeaks founder  Julian Assange, 
discussing the opposite side of the Afghanistan war disclosure "leaks" story that she discusses in her interview with former Defense Secretary  William Cohen,  that we detail in our post below.
  However, the appearance of "balance" in Mitchell's reporting on this Wikileaks" story - (where Mitchell spends very little time discussing Afghan casualties of U.S. bombs and bullets)  does not obviate our conclusions, below, that between William Cohen as President Clinton's Secretary of Defense, and the Wolfowitz/Perle/Feith/Wurmser/Zackheim cabal dominating the Bush-Cheney Department of Defense,  America has had a Jewish dominated Defense department for nearly 2 decades - and a Goldman-Sachs dominated Treasury Department for nearly two full decades as well. 

 "This is how they do it"  (video below) - Andrea Mitchell of the so-called "liberal" 'news' network  MSNBC  (owned by the uber-War Industry military production company General Electric, GE,   whose billions-dollars contracts, and financial arm are closely tied to the NY, DC, City-of-London, and Tel Aviv financial syndicates, including Goddamn-Sachs and JP Morgan-Chase)  illustrates how the very Neo-Con dominated U.S. "major media" pimps their case for military secrecy, police-state powers,  and EVER EXPANDING WAR FUNDING in this video from Mitchell's interview today with former Clinton administration  SECRETARY OF WAR William Cohen.
     It is no accident that both Mitchell and Cohen are multi-millionaire Jewish members of the (de facto)  Jewish war lobby &  NY/Washington "establishment" figures - essentially making the case for  NO OPPOSITION to the expanding U.S. wars overseas  -  if this were war-time World War II Germany, both would essentially be advocating the right of the (Nazi) state to keep its DEATH CAMPS secret,
  because -  they argue today! -   knowledge of military secrets (even if true) could result in more soldiers killed in combat and occupation duties. 

 Former Maine "moderate Republican"  Senator, and former Clinton Defense Secretary Bill Cohen is a far more important figure than his modest public visibility today would suggest, for he is an illustration of the "bridge" between the Reagan & Bush-1 radical right-wing Republican presidencies
(George H.W. Bush, Sr., was president from Jan. 1989 to Jan. 1993, and he was Reagan's Vice President all the way from 1981 to 1989 when he became president)
 and the so-called "moderate,"  "Democratic," or even "LIBERAL" elements of the  Clinton presidency.

  Indeed, for  the entire time that Cohen was Secretary of Defense, Clinton's Treasury Secretaries were... Jewish!  (either Robert Rubin or Lawrence Summers).
   While the U.S. State Department is nominally the "senior" and most influential  department in a presidential cabinet,   for most of the 2 decades since the end of the Cold War  (ended the dire need for America to make meaningful alliances)  the State Department has been playing hand-maiden to either the Business interests of America's mega corporations (represented by Rubin's years as either a   Golddamn-Sachs co-Chairman, or   Citi-group acting Chairman), or to the  WAR LUST of the Jewish state  War Lobby -
  -  clearly, the so-called "liberal" Clinton presidency was DOMINATED by Jewish Neo-Cons in 2 out of 3 of the most important cabinet offices... paving the way for the WOLFOWITZ, PERLE, FEITH, LIBBY, Wurmser, Zackheim,  Bolton, Bolten (et al) Jewish DOMINATION of both the War Department, and State Department, during the Bush-Cheney Afghanistan & Iraq war invasion (and botched response to 9-11 threat) years.

  Toss in Andrea Mitchell as an "oh so moderate" talking head on NBC, and her husband,  Alan Greenspan,  the architect of America's premeditated Neo-Con economic destruction,   and it becomes clear that America's government and economy have  been DOMINATED by the Jewish War lobby, Goddamn-Sachs Wall Street extortion cabal, and Greenspan-Bernanke Federal Reserve Treasury Looting  economic sabotage cartel, for at least 2 decades now.