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The Neo-Con's PURGE of Old-Guard Republicans... AND Democrats... reveals the Jewish War Lobby purging potential opponents, consolidating ?

 correction: In our below post, we wrote that  Texas billionaires and Republican  "Pioneers" multi-millions-dollars campaign donors Charles and Sam  Wiley ('the Wiley brothers'), were facing DoJ prosecutions.   Instead, they are being sued by an  SEC investigation into allegations of fraud.
 Never-the-less, given all the titanic fraud in New York, on Wall Street, and in world financial markets, it is "curious" that the  "Obama'  (Emanuel) administration chose  this moment to unleash SEC and Congressional investigations into  Charley Rangel, Maxine Waters, and the Wiley brothers - a perfect set of  "DIVERSION and DISTRACTION" issues to keep the  "mainstream media" puppets on a full-time feeding frenzy for the next few weeks?
 It really is amazing, how the Jewish war lobby   wallows   in its ability to so easily stage manage the  ENTIRE New York, DC, and national media/press-corpse by the sprinkling of a few delicious, well timed  DoJ, SEC, or congressional' investigations'.

Three interesting prosecutions by the Obama government and Pelosi Congress (which is to say, the Jewish War lobby)   reveal an interesting - and potentially chilling - trend:   Is this  a PURGE of  Old-Guard Republicans & Democrats alike, designed to consolidate the Jewish War Lobby's dictatorial,  stranglehold control of both of the (2 major) political parties-  much as Hitler's various purges after the Reichstag fire (1933) and subsequent  "Enabling Acts," "Night of Long Knives,"  and "Kristallnacht" (1938)  led to his absolute, unassailable WAR POWERS on the eve of his September 1938 invasion of Poland (and start of WWII proper)?

  One thing is certain: Maxine Waters and Charley Rangel are two "old guard" Black Congressional Caucus Democrats who are opposed to Mr. Obama's expanding wars in Mideast (Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia...Iran) and Central Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan...)
and they both have enough seniority and power in the Democratic (Pelosi) Congress to throw some serious roadblocks in the Jewish War Lobby's insidious,  relentless, remorseless, and billions-of-dollars-of-lobbying  efforts to expand those  "American" wars.
 Ergo - another political LYNCH-MOB  "hit job," by the Emanuel/Summers/Axelrod/Schapiro  (et al) insanely hypocritical and corrupt  Jewish war lobby White House,   to knock Waters and Rangel out of the picture for good. 

    Another thing is for certain:  The Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Libby, Muksasey, Chertoff, Bolton, Bolten, Wurmser, Zackheim, Specter, Coleman, Cantor (et al, ad infinitum)  Jewish Republican Neo-Cons were very  closely allied with the Bush-Cheney "Pioneer" Southern Republican  ("WASP" - White Anglo-Saxon Prostestant)  donors and "Pioneers" (elite Bush supporters & fundraisers) - including especially the Texas Wiley brothers, whose donations to the "Swift Boat Liars Against Kerry" (along with other donations including those by  noted Jewish Missouri big donor businessman  Sam Fox) - and  IN CONCERT with Cheney's then Jewish war cabal Vice Presidential Chief of Staff, I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby's  PERJURY and OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE in the  Plame-gate, C.I.A. outing scandal -   helped Bush, Cheney  and the Republicans  STEAL the election of 2004 from the hapless, aloof, if not cowering Dem. presidential candidate John Kerry. 

  What is seldom remarked on in America's  "free press" major media, is that
 -  Summers, Bernstein, Axelrod, Kagan, Klain, Lew, Orszag, Steinberg, Sutphen (etc.)  and especially Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel - charter members of the Jewish war state lobby, are ALSO CLOSELY ALIGNED with the  Bush-Cheney administration's decade long war  goals,  the clearest (and most chilling) example of this is the recent  WHITEWASH wrist-slap the Emanuel/Obama/Holder 'Justice' Department gave to those Bush-Cheney administration & DoJ officials connected with Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales' PURGE-GATE prosecutions - the most infamous persecution prosecution victim   of whom was  JEWISH former Alabama Democratic Governor  DON SIEGELMAN, convicted in a court of a hyper-partisan Republican judge,  by a prosecution initiated by U.S. District Attorney Leura Canary - only THE WIFE of Bill Canary, in 2002 the CAMPAIGN MANAGER for Governor Siegelman's Republican gubernatorial opponent Bob Riley!!  
This "political assassination" of a ranking Democratic Jewish elected official, echoes Netanyahu's Likud Party orchestrated  actual (murder) ASSASSINATION of then  Jewish state PRIME MINISTER Yitzhak Rabin in 1995... and here

  (Note how, in  just listing  a few of the  OBVIOUS CONNECTIONS between the current Obama administration Neo-Con "Democrats," and the policies and Neo-Con personel of the previous, blatantly  right-wing Republican warmongering Bush-Cheney administration, leads to a detour that can take entire paragraphs and pages to detail.)

   So we have CHARLEY RANGEL,  the Wiley Brothers, and MAXINE WATERS all facing either prosecutions, investigations,  or intense Congressional attention - AS the insanely corrupt Obama administration  provides a tremendous  WHITEWASH "free pass" to Goddamn-Sachs, JPM (JP Morgan-Chase),  and all the other tremendous Wall Street frauds, ponzi-schemes, and  titanic scandals that led to the savaging of America's economy in the 2008 economic and market meltdowns - INCLUDING a "whitewash" free pass for White House Chief of Staff Emanuel's role in the FREDDIE MAC CORRUPTION SCANDAL when Emanuel was a paid Director of the Board at Freddie, and including  this most recent story of Obama's insane "look the other way to titanic corruption on Wall Street," aloofness  as  Citi-bank executives just got a FREE PASS on the investigation into nearly FORTY BILLION dollars of  "SUBPRIME" mortgage FRAUD...
  while the Emanuel, Obama,  MARY SCHAPIRO S.E.C. goes after Maxine Waters!!  

  Needless to say, part of the Obama administration's  LENIENCY towards prosecuting TITANIC FRAUD at Citi bank, is because ROBERT RUBIN was a charter member - for a time, acting Chairman - of  the Citi-group banking cabal - the same uber Neo-Con  (Jewish financial swindler)  operator who was President Clinton's Treasury Secretary in the 1990s!
  Indeed, the only reason that Rubin didn't become Citi-bank's fully invested  Board Chairman, is because by the time he became acting Chairman  he and other Citi execs had managed to drive the conglomerate Citi-group into the cesspit of bankruptcy, failure, and titanic losses, that required BILLIONS of dollars of taxpayer bailouts to paper over and make up!   

  Current Obama White House Chief of Staff RAHM EMANUEL,  current Obama administration Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, current Obama administration Economic Director Lawrence Summers, and current Obama administration Chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission Gary Gensler  are all four Robert Rubin proteges - which explains why the  LYNCH-MOB Obama adminstration  is going after Charley Rangel and Maxine Waters, while giving Bob Rubin and Citi-bank a titanic "FREE PASS" for  FORTY BILLION DOLLARS worth of sub-prime mortgage FRAUD  and financial accounting deceit!
  This is  LYNCH-MOB America, directed by the Jewish war lobby,  with an Emanuel, Rubin, Summers , Mary Schapiro, and  Barack Obama  face.

  Of these, this new Waters story is the most disturbing:  Hank Paulson, Tim Geithner, and other  GODDAMN-SACHS allied members of the Bush administration were, literally, dishing out  1.5 TRILLION American taxpayer  extorted dollars to "BAIL OUT" the big banks in September 2008...
 (including this little known gift,  by then New York Federal Reserve Bank President Tim Geithner - of $630 BILLION  in Fed "fiat money" "liquidity injections"
 - to the  member/OWNER banks of the Fed Reserve very private banking cabal 
 - Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan-Chase, Citi-bank, BoA, etc. -  THE VERY SAME WEEK that  Bush's Treasury Secretary, and former Goddamn-Sachs Chairman Hank Paulson was begging & extorting hundreds of billions of dollars  from Nancy Pelosi's 110th Congress in the more well known form of the September 2008 "T.A.R.P." $700 billion  bailouts!)
  ....and  Congress-woman Maxine Waters merely used her Congressional clout to insist that a few lousy  millions of those BILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of taxpayer "bailouts" dollars be used to actually help save a local, community based bank...
  the community based bank in HER community, that SHE had THE FAITH to invest in!

 Indeed, we here at The Jewish Wars have been wondering "WHERE the hell  is Obama S.E.C. Chairwoman MARY SCHAPIRO - and why haven't we heard of any major investigations (much less prosecutions) by the Securities & Exchange Commission as America's economy is stuck in the cesspit of titanic frauds and relentless destruction of financial markets?"  - and the answer - that Schapiro's SEC is going after Maxine Waters - is a political  FARCE of biblical proportions, made possible only by the Jewish war lobby's abject control of the American press/media.

 "They" are really  wallowing, if not gloating, in their dictatorial, persecution, prosecution, and political purge powers -     THIS IS PURE, COMMMISSAR PURGE  by the Jewish war lobby - and of course our  "major media" yakking heads are entirely too clueless, incompetent, and corrupt to link, or connect,  these very simple  NEO-CON WAR LOBBY intimidations, prosecutions, and purges political dots.    

 Charley Rangel tossed under the Bush by  Obama co.
(which is to say, "The Rahm Emanuel administration") - 

Another "Old Guard" Black Democrat, Maxine Waters, faces a similar political whack job by Obama co:
Another Dem Rep To Face Ethics Charges, May Choose Trial Over Plea 

Wyly brothers, Texas Republican Political Kingmakers, Face Fraud Charges
By Mitch Potter,  Washington Bureau, July 30, 2010 

Where Are The Prosecutions?
Obama's  S.E.C.  Lets Citi Execs Go Free After $40 Billion Subprime Lie
By Zach Carter
July 30, 2010,

Billionaire Wyly Brothers Sued By SEC On Fraud Charges

NPR (blog) - Frank James - 
The billionaire Wyly brothers of Dallas, Tex. made headlines again this week but probably not in a way they would have preferred. ...

Make no mistake: U.S. military is running Death Squad and sniper assassination missions in Afghanistan (in addition to UAV remote piloted "robot assassination" flying missile armed drones)

The German magazine Spiegel reports  that American forces in Afghanistan are using "targeted assassinations."  
We'll return to this post, and update it to include a brief discussion of the "DOOMSDAY BOOK" census of each and every Afghan male in US occupied war zones, following a similar census  (the original "Doomsday book") instituted by William the Conqueror as his Norman knights and nobles asserted their bloody, brutal, and ruthless dictatorship  occupation of  then Anglo-Saxon dominated England after his victory over English   King Harold and his  (equally brutal and ruthless)  Anglo-Saxon army  in 1066. 

 Task Force 373 & Targeted Assassinations

US Elite Unit Could Create Political Fallout for Berlin

By Matthias Gebauer, John Goetz, Hans Hoyng, Susanne Koelbl, Marcel Rosenbach and Gregor Peter Schmitz
The war logs provide new information about the targeted killings done by the secretative US Task Force 373. The fact that the force has a unit stationed on a German base could prove embarrassing for Berlin.

Four more years, at least, of Obama's Afghanistan war..

a good press service photo captures Obama looking authortarian & autocratic.
Obama and Biden, like Cheney and Bush before them, are merely fronts for the Neo-Cons
(Jewish warmongers) and Jewish Wars... as even a casual examination of the personel staffing the top tiers of the two "opposing" administrations reveals.. 
Obama Waving Splash
  < ...even as the public's patience with the war in Afghanistan is growing shorter, the timeline for an American troop withdrawal appears to be growing longer.
There are increasingly clear signs that President Obama's vow to start withdrawing American troops less than a year from now will be fulfilled through a technicality if at all, and that the real timeline for significant troop withdrawal - barring a change in course - now extends at least to 2014, if not far beyond.
This from the administration's most prominent opponent of escalation, a man who had earlier said you could "bet on" a "whole lot of people moving out" in July 2011.
The uninspiring Senate testimony in mid-July from Richard Holbrooke, Obama's special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, also raised red flags. Holbrooke repeatedly ducked questions about what the administration's desired "end state" is, and whether things are going along on schedule. He instead pointed senators toward a list of what he called "benchmarks." >

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Andrea Mitchell, of so-called "liberal" MSNBC, pimps MILITARY SECRECY for ALL aspects of US wars - including Killing of Civilians by U.S. military, and possible war crimes...

update:  MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell  interviews WikiLeaks founder  Julian Assange, 
discussing the opposite side of the Afghanistan war disclosure "leaks" story that she discusses in her interview with former Defense Secretary  William Cohen,  that we detail in our post below.
  However, the appearance of "balance" in Mitchell's reporting on this Wikileaks" story - (where Mitchell spends very little time discussing Afghan casualties of U.S. bombs and bullets)  does not obviate our conclusions, below, that between William Cohen as President Clinton's Secretary of Defense, and the Wolfowitz/Perle/Feith/Wurmser/Zackheim cabal dominating the Bush-Cheney Department of Defense,  America has had a Jewish dominated Defense department for nearly 2 decades - and a Goldman-Sachs dominated Treasury Department for nearly two full decades as well. 

 "This is how they do it"  (video below) - Andrea Mitchell of the so-called "liberal" 'news' network  MSNBC  (owned by the uber-War Industry military production company General Electric, GE,   whose billions-dollars contracts, and financial arm are closely tied to the NY, DC, City-of-London, and Tel Aviv financial syndicates, including Goddamn-Sachs and JP Morgan-Chase)  illustrates how the very Neo-Con dominated U.S. "major media" pimps their case for military secrecy, police-state powers,  and EVER EXPANDING WAR FUNDING in this video from Mitchell's interview today with former Clinton administration  SECRETARY OF WAR William Cohen.
     It is no accident that both Mitchell and Cohen are multi-millionaire Jewish members of the (de facto)  Jewish war lobby &  NY/Washington "establishment" figures - essentially making the case for  NO OPPOSITION to the expanding U.S. wars overseas  -  if this were war-time World War II Germany, both would essentially be advocating the right of the (Nazi) state to keep its DEATH CAMPS secret,
  because -  they argue today! -   knowledge of military secrets (even if true) could result in more soldiers killed in combat and occupation duties. 

 Former Maine "moderate Republican"  Senator, and former Clinton Defense Secretary Bill Cohen is a far more important figure than his modest public visibility today would suggest, for he is an illustration of the "bridge" between the Reagan & Bush-1 radical right-wing Republican presidencies
(George H.W. Bush, Sr., was president from Jan. 1989 to Jan. 1993, and he was Reagan's Vice President all the way from 1981 to 1989 when he became president)
 and the so-called "moderate,"  "Democratic," or even "LIBERAL" elements of the  Clinton presidency.

  Indeed, for  the entire time that Cohen was Secretary of Defense, Clinton's Treasury Secretaries were... Jewish!  (either Robert Rubin or Lawrence Summers).
   While the U.S. State Department is nominally the "senior" and most influential  department in a presidential cabinet,   for most of the 2 decades since the end of the Cold War  (ended the dire need for America to make meaningful alliances)  the State Department has been playing hand-maiden to either the Business interests of America's mega corporations (represented by Rubin's years as either a   Golddamn-Sachs co-Chairman, or   Citi-group acting Chairman), or to the  WAR LUST of the Jewish state  War Lobby -
  -  clearly, the so-called "liberal" Clinton presidency was DOMINATED by Jewish Neo-Cons in 2 out of 3 of the most important cabinet offices... paving the way for the WOLFOWITZ, PERLE, FEITH, LIBBY, Wurmser, Zackheim,  Bolton, Bolten (et al) Jewish DOMINATION of both the War Department, and State Department, during the Bush-Cheney Afghanistan & Iraq war invasion (and botched response to 9-11 threat) years.

  Toss in Andrea Mitchell as an "oh so moderate" talking head on NBC, and her husband,  Alan Greenspan,  the architect of America's premeditated Neo-Con economic destruction,   and it becomes clear that America's government and economy have  been DOMINATED by the Jewish War lobby, Goddamn-Sachs Wall Street extortion cabal, and Greenspan-Bernanke Federal Reserve Treasury Looting  economic sabotage cartel, for at least 2 decades now.

Fathers of Soldiers Killed in Wars, question Neo-Con dominated Congress' EXPANSION of funding... for MORE WARS...

 (note: In no way does our posting of the words spoken, in memory of servicemen sons lost in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, imply that this blog, "The Jewish Wars" has the  approval or support of  speakers, activists, or officials of The Peace House, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
  However, when the father of one son fallen in America's wars in the Middle East asks
  "I don't know, and don't understand, why the Congress does not respond to the sentiments of THE PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES" 
 we here at The Jewish Wars know the shortest, simplest, and most powerful answer that explains every facet of that vital question:  The ENTIRE network of Jewish "leadership" in America - business, financial, political 'elites'  in press & media - are nearly unanimous in their SUPPORT for EXPANDING the U.S. wars in the Middle East, and have the power, influence, and above all extortion and bribery money (much of it funneled directly from Israel - a foreign country BRIBING American leaders) to enforce their EXPANDING WARS AGENDA on America's Congress, presidents, judges, and state and local politicians.
Even   those Jewish leaders who oppose  blank-check for  expanding wars  are either sidelined to financial issues (Congressman Alan Grayson), or run out of Congress entirely.
 (Former Congressman Robert Wexler  had his funding chains yanked so severely by the Goddamn-Sachs,  NY, DC, & Israel lobby Neo-Cons campaign donations &  enforcement brigade  who no longer needed an outspoken Jewish "liberal" in Washington after  the election of Barack Obama in 2008,  that Congressman Wexler quit his House seat in the middle of his term - leaving his constituents UNREPRESENTED for entire months before his vacancy was filled!
(and here - )

 LEAVING AMERICAN citizens  UNREPRESENTED,   IS the goal and intention of the  anti-American, Israel-uber-alles,  treacherous Jewish Neo-Con warmongers and economy-killing treasury looters who now dominate the entire US government, press/media, and financial worlds - as this heartbreaking video of a protest  that was nearly SHUT DOWN by OKC police "enforcers" of the Neo-Con assault on America reveals.
Oklahoma Fathers of Dead Service Members RALLY AGAINST 
expanded funding [for The Jewish Wars]  -
Oklahoma POLICE show up, and nearly shut down peaceful protest...
Fathers of two military personnel killed in Iraq rallied Thursday Against a $37 billion U.S. military funding bill. 
BY Sonya Colberg, July 30, 2010

 (partial transcript)
Nathanial Batchelder,  Peace House 
"A  COMMUNITY of CONSCIENCE in America and around the world, has grieved AND OPPOSED the US wars in the Middle East over the past 9 years,  that were sold to all of us as an appropriate response to the 9-11 terrorist attacks in 2001. 
   Many of us did approve initial military action into Afghanistan, to capture Osama bin Laden and  disintigrate Al Qaeda.   But the subsequent invasion of Iraq,   and that war, and the consequent inattention and mismanagement of the mission in Afghanistan,  have proven tragic,  beyond imagination.  The Question must be asked, if the US presence in the Middle East is in part, because of America's  obsession with oil, and the three trillion dollars of minerals in Afghanistan that have recently been announced, but have been known about for 20 years.
The tragic deaths of civilians, the destruction of property, and  the growing resistance within Afghanistan inform us that U.S. policy must change."

 Warren Henthorn - son died in U.S. service in Iraq, 2005:
"Only 37% of the American people at this time, are SUPPORTING THESE WARS. 
Yet the Congress just passed a load of money that we do not have.  They are printing the money.
Meanwhile this country IS BROKE, and GOING TO MORE WARS I predict in the future.
 I don't know, and  don't understand, why the Congress does not respond to the sentiments of  THE PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES.
 I think it's time to cut the funds off, get our troops back home, and start taking care of OUR COUNTRY first."

 John Scripsik  - son died in U.S. service in Iraq war in 2007: 
Our son joined the military when we had lost about 300 people in Iraq.
  "I knew that something was wrong when THEY LIED ABOUT THE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, and all the reasons to go to war.   And ahh.. throughout my life, most people will lie for one reason, and that is to make some money.  And I'm wondering if these boys are going to war, to help some big corporate [companies],  be able to get in there and mine the resources.
  When you kill one person in a town over there, it implants [inflames?]  two- to three hundred people that know him and are related to him,
 I think this war is causing us MORE ENEMIES than is gaining us friends."

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The JEWISH ASSAULT on America: Jewish owned TIME magazine... pimps SLASHING summer vacation for American families!

They really are despicable....

   And talk about  "the Grinch who stole Christmas"!   

   The Neo-Con hatchet-men, economy killers,  media pimps, whores,  and social-safety-net gutting thugs at TIME magazine have a cover story about to hit newstands this week, pimping....   
THE END of  SUMMER VACATION as we Americans have come to know it!
 The Case Against Summer Vacation
By David Von Drehle  
TIME magazine, July 22, 2010,8599,2005654,00.html 

      There is nothing "new" in this latest TIME  "economic hit men,  intellectual, press/media thugs"  report, of course - it is just another in a decades long string  of articles, reports, and op-ed opinion columns by the Neo-Con (Jewish right-wing)
 would-be masters-of-the-universe, trying to CONDITION American working-stiffs (and even white-collar  families) to just passively GIVE UP a LITTLE BIT MORE of the  income, economic security,  job benefits, and economic rights we Americans have come to treasure - and take for granted - these past 5 decades since WWII  (and the New Deal)  pulled American workers and the American economy out of the Great Depression.
   Fortunately, ExiledOnLine's John Dolan delivered a magnificent takedown of the "Grinch who stole summer vacation" Neo-Con archetype, when Exiled deconstructed New York Times op-ed "intellectual" HATCHET MAN  and Neo-Con enforcer thug Tom Friedman, way back in June 2000...
 before the Bush,  Cheney, Wolfowitz, Libby and Rove Rethuglicans had even stolen election 2000.
   During   that  long, crucial summer before the critical  presidential election of 2000 - were Americans going to continue to grow the economy with jobs and low deficits, or was Bush Jr. going to REPEAT the ECONOMIC RECESSION of 1992 that his father, President Bush Sr. enabled during in his one term and president, and two terms as Vice President - the dismal, despicable, Jewish (Sulzberger) owned New York Times (and very Neo-Con  Meyer/Graham owned Washington Post) were studiously painting serial scandal tainted Texas Governor George W. Bush as a "straight shooting guy you'd like to have a beer with," while with equal verve and energy the Times and Post were studiously painting Dem. Presidential candidate Al Gore as a "serial exaggerator."    
  (Bureaucratic 'news-speak' code for "serial liar.")

  This media bias - "hit" pieces against Al Gore, light-hearted, superficial cover-ups and whitewashes for the Texas governor...
(specifically, failing to energetically examine Gov. Bush's busted budgets,  SLASHED social safety net for low-income Texans; falling public education standards, all   caused by tax-cuts-for-wealthy-Texans; and dozens of other Bush  career and lifetime scandals, especially Bush's appalling  "AWOL" absent-without-leave  record during his Air National Guard service during the Vietnam war years)
...was worth MILLIONS of dollars to the Bush campaign, and millions more in  PR damage to the Democratic campaign - WHICH WERE the  intentions of the Neo-Con Times & Post.
  So during that long dismal summer of 2000, when the Neo-Con Post & Times were smearing VP (presidential candidate) Al Gore, and giving a tremendous "free pass" to Bush and  Cheney,  John Dolan at ExiledOnLine  wrote a brilliant  deconstruction of  NY Times columnist Tom Friedman
 as nothing more than the bullying,  hack, brutal hypocrite  mouthpiece for the Neo-Con empire, an empire so triumphant that its propaganda spokesmen and megaphones  are intentionally dull and vapid.  Dolan's takedown is so original, so creative ("the cruder the metaphor, the more frightening"), and so insightful into the bullying, modern-day ethnic-cleansing + imperial conquering mindset of the NY/DC neo-cons,  that in our estimation it deserves comparison with Jonathan Swift's  great satire deconstruction of the English occupation of Ireland in 1729,  when Swift wrote "A Modest Proposal" as a tongue-in-cheek suggestion that English and Anglicized Irish landlords purchase babies from poor Irish mothers, to prepare,  cook and dine on the infants as a means of alleviating the poverty and near famine conditions the Irish endured under English occupation.
 Bottom line according to Friedman's New York Times Neo-Con propaganda tripe, masquerading as commentary:  YOU CAN'T RESIST the EMPIRE. 
YOU will be forced to compete in the job market with Chinese, Indian, and other Asian (South American, African, etc.) workers earning a dollar or two a day. Resistance is futile,   the "economic geniuses" on Wall Street  will relentlessly seek out and institutionalize every 'race to the bottom' wage-cut, union contract trashing, and worker job & benefits  slashing, not to overlook PENSION RAIDING tactic  that they can find and dream up, with an army of accountants, lawyers (often bribed former congressional staffers), and executives   peering at those American  employee benefit contracts under microscopes & magnifying glasses for months on end.
< Unfortunately, the Golden Straitjacket [he might as well call it the "Goddamn-Sachs straightjacket"!]   is pretty much ‘one size fits all.’ So it pinches certain groups, squeezes others….It is not always pretty or gentle or comfortable. But it’s here and it’s the only model on the rack this historical season. >
  So as you see, the Jewish owned,  very Neo-Con  New York Times, AND the Jewish  owned (CNN/Time/Warner co.) very Neo-Con  TIME magazine, AND the Jewish owned (Meyer/Graham) Washington Post,  are all  WORKING TOGETHER (and have been for at least a decade) like the bleating sheep in George Orwell's Animal House, to acclimatize Americans  to  THE LOSS of WAGES & benefits, to the destruction of the American era of high wages, upward social mobility, affordable education, and a robust American social safety ... now including, if the Time/Warner Neo-Cons have  their way,  even the sad demise of  America's beloved  SUMMER VACATION!

 AS, mind you, the New York, Neo-Con, Goddamn-Sachs + City-of-London  Tel Aviv  bankers who are the financial arm of the Neo-Con (Jewish)  Time, CNN, Newsweek, WashPost, NYTimes (et al) media empires, virtually bask in, GLOAT over, their  billions-of-dollars of  American TAXPAYER extorted  "bailouts" 'bonus' riches!  

  Yes, IT IS A CABAL, it IS  an ASSAULT on  American families, our working public, and our American economy, and all you have to do is:
 a.)  DECODE the tripe  the Neo-Con treasury looting, warmongering pimps & whores  relentlessly shove down our throats (including GUTTED benefits, LOOTED pensions, outsourced jobs, and even a  Neo-Con JIHAD on Christmas and now summer vacation!)
b.) LINK those horrible, bullying "news" stories they shove down our throats,  with the OWNERS of those media outlets that are so gleefully  shilling for the Neo-Con banksters and warmongers.

 In this case, the  Time/Warner/CNN owned  Neo-Con "to hell with American families!"   TIME magazine,  is pimping for the Wall Street, Goddamn-Sachs, JPM, & City-of-London   financial extortionists, benefits slashers,  & economy-killers - trying to condition the American public - their own readers! - that America's beloved SUMMER VACATION is now just a bygone dream.

 p.s. - While Time's economy-killing 'journalistic' hatchet-man David Von Drehle's argument ostensibly  focuses on summer break for students, its far greater import, from the perspective of Von Drehle's TIME editors and publisher(s), is to condition Americans for what Professor Ravi Batra calls "the Pooring of America."   This is the Neo-Con press/media at its most despicable treacherous - PRETENDING concern for American families - in this case, America's  high school students, and especially low income Americans ("those who can least afford it") - even as TIME's writers and editors are actually pimping WHOLESALE ASSAULT on America's public education resources, job and income security, job benefits,  our social safety net, etc.   In fact,   this is  now s.o.p.  (standard operating procedure) for the despicable, treacherous Neo-Con press & media - PRETEND CONCERN for the American quality of life (because that is what sells newspapers and magazines), while actually insidiously working to SABOTAGE and DESTROY same. 
 ( IF the editors and publishers of the despicable Neo-Con propaganda outlet  cnn/Time/Warner-bros. owned TIME magazine were genuinely concerned with the education of America's students and  the welfare of American  families with school aged children,  TIME would write more stories demanding  that our high school students BE EDUCATED in THINGS THAT MATTER for the adult lives of high school graduates;  topics like how America's CREDIT CARD and LOAN industries operate (typically always looking for new fees, fines, "penalty" interest rates at 30% to gouge their card holders and loan buyers);  how the United States' financial system is OWNED by the VERY PRIVATE  Federal Reserve banking cartel.. and how, at the moment, according to the Fed Reserve's own webpage, THREE out of FIVE Fed Reserve Board Members are Jewish.
Now the only circumstance that could justify such an insanely disproportionate representation of Jewish financail bureaucrats at the very top of the U.S. financial system would be that they are just so amazingly more competent and gifted in leading this vital part of America's economic oversight,  than any other candidates out there in America.    But since Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has  presided over the  loss of over   $14 TRILLION of  American household wealth since 2007...  and since the Fed can NOT  account for all the BILLIONS (upon trillions) of taxpayer obligated "bailouts," "liquidity injections," and government guaranteed assumption of  private debt (failures) they have dished out to the Goddamn-Sachs, JPM (etc.) bankers,  the argument that Bernanke, Marsh, and Kohn's have "superior"  competence to other potential Fed Reserve Board Directors  goes flying out the window.

 (Current Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, then New York Fed Reserve branch president, dished out $630 BILLION in "liquidity injections" FREE MONEY to Wall Street, in one week alone - the same week that then Bush Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson was begging/extorting $700 billion in "T.A.R.P." "bailouts"  from Nancy Pelosi and her 110th Congress!  Which is exactly why the  Goddamn-Sachs, JPM, and other Wall Street banksters love Bernanke & Geithner so much - the insanely corrupt duo give the Wall Street loan sharks and  ponzi scheme con artists  billions. upon trillions,  of taxpayer-obligated  bailouts dollars -  then LOSE the receipts, much less i.o.u.'s!)   
   We have outlined the above premeditated destruction of America's economy, under the tender mercies of Greenspan and  Bernanke's Fed,  in concert with the fraudulent and predatory mega-banks,  in just several paragraphs - the treacherous and deceitful TIME magazine doesn't even try to explain the   real  working of America's predatory, fraudulent, and deceitful financial elites to its readers, even as it  pretends to look out for the interests of America's working class and middle class  families.   

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


For those who  may feel that we here at "The Jewish Wars" are an "anti-Semitic" group, we respond - 
"WE are trying to help SALVAGE the American SOCIAL SAFETY NET, for ALL Americans...  including for JEWISH working & middle-class families,  as well as for the millions more  non-Jewish  families who make up the population majority in America."  

 And one very simple issue illustrates just how TREACHEROUS, if not TREASONOUS, the Jewish Right-Wing millionaires and billionaires are:   NOT ONE  Jewish billionaire, is SPEAKING OUT  in support of the AMERICAN SOCIAL SAFETY NET, that took 100+ years of blood, sweat, toil, tears, standing up to murderous segregationists and murderous  union-busting bosses** to create...
   the 100+ years legacy of fighting for PENSIONS,  against  CHILD LABOR, for job safety, health benefits, and secure jobs... the very things that made America the ENVY of the post-WWII world, is now UNDER ASSAULT by the COORDINATED efforts of the INSANELY GREEDY Jewish billionaires, New York & D.C. "neo-cons," and Tel Aviv Likudniks. 

** (UAW founding President Walter Reuther survived TWO ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS by FoMoCo in his efforts to  unionize Ford's auto & steel plants... and that doesn't include two other beatings that nearly left Reuther for dead.   In the 1920s era  "Colorado mining wars" and "Battle of Blair Mountain, W.Va" anti-union mine-owners, including the Rockefellers, hired machine-gun armed "security" in  armored cars - the predecessors to today's Blackwater gunmen -  to shoot up striking miners and their tent camps... wives and children notwithstanding.)   

    Max Keiser and Alan Grayson are two of the very rare exceptions,  INTENTIONALLY OUTSPOKEN CRITICS of the Neo-Con (right-wing Jewish) ASSAULT on the American economy, our jobs, our benefits, our savings
 (much less our pension funds,  which might as well be stolen piggy-banks with the lust that GS, JPM, Wassserstein-Perella;  KKR , and other loan-shark  LBO  takeover  funds  anticpate smashing them and looting their contents) 
and our Treasury... and even Mr. Grayson is awful shy on CONNECTING THE DOTS  between who it is that RUNS  Goddamn-Sachs and the Obama/Emanuel  White House
 (much less the Bush-Cheney-Libby-Mukasey-Chertoff-Wolfowitz-Perle-Feith-Bolton-Bolten et al, ad naseum 2001-2008 presidency) 
and the DISASTROUS,  ECONOMY GUTTING, treasury looting, investor defrauding  policies that Congressman Grayson so frequently speaks out against.

 As Senator Ted Kennedy shouted out before he lost his courageous battle with cancer,

  WHEN will the INSANELY GREEDY, INSANELY ENTITLED,  INSANELY treacherous, anti-American  Jewish bankers & BILLIONAIRES, stop trying to GUT the pensions and social safety nets of their fellow Americans? 

 HOW MANY MORE BILLIONS will it take,  in their extorted & looted (from American working families) bank vaults and  stock options, before they stop treating AMERICAN FAMILIES with the sneering contempt that concentration camp guards treated work camp inmates
    No doubt there are also  non-Jewish  billionaires who are also part of the Right-Wing JIHAD to DISMANTLE Social Security, and DESTROY the American social safety net.   In a previous post,  we included  video of Professer William Black explaining that  WARREN BUFFET, America's favorite "kindly grandfather" billionaire,  is FULLY ALLIED with the GODDAMN-SACHS dominated effort to DEFRAUD American investors (and pensioners), Buiffet pretending not to notice the GROTESTQUELY, BLATANTLY,  outrageously FRAUDULENT ratings that  his (Warren Buffet majority owner)  Moody's rating agencies assigned to garbage, "toxic," bottom-of-the-barrel 'securities' sold to investors, and especially pension fund managers, who were literally risking BILLIONS of pensioner dollars on what we now know were sheer GARBAGE 'securities.'

  But  WARREN BUFFET is not NEARLY as influential in the halls of Congress, in the corridors of power in New York and D.C.,  in the "major media" 'news' outlets and media organizations, as the GODDAMN-SACHS lobbyists and   SULZBERGER New York Slimes,  Meyer/Graham Washington Post,   Time/WARNER/cnn,    Zell owned  Chicago Tribune & Florida 'Sun' papers, and other blatantly   neo-con Big Finance, Israel lobby,  & media outlets  are.   

   WHAT ALL the above  Neo-Con COWARDS and  economic backstabbers have in common, is that they are ALL ALLIED in their effort to  TRASH the American social safety net... 

   ...but they will ALL  cry and scream  "anti-semitism!"  if you point out  THEIR  network cabal of lies, smears,  disinformation, and relentless efforts to DEFRAUD and DENY Americans out of hard-won, hard earned,   100+ years-in-making, envy of the post WWII world,   social safety net.
 (ps:  btw, you will NEVER hear an "American"  "conservative" Jewish media critic or talking head  EVER  condemn or  complain about ISRAEL's, 
  ___U.S. taxpayer subsidized__    SOCIALIZED  medical system, welfare-state,  or social safety net.) 

Worldwide disgust at Goddamn-Sachs' Neo-Con (Jewish Right-Wing) Economic sabotage, & Jewish War lobby nuclear terrorism, begining to bubble-up: as ISRAEL BOYCOTT gains supporters, the Neo-Con War-lobby media enforcers put on their brown-shirts to counter the worldwide loathing..

 Goddamn-Sachs executives  sold millions of dollars of "securities" to their clients... knowing that the 'securities' were sheer garbage, destined to fail - WHILE the company took out  "credit default swaps" bets on those same garbage securities, in essence betting against their clients, betting that THEIR junk 'securities'  would FAIL after they had been sold to hapless, suckered investors...
(here, here, here, and here, note for this last link, the Washington Post's  textbook  DISINFORMATIVE bureaucratic 'news' speak to fuzzy up the story that Goddamn-Sachs executives were intentionally  selling their clients garbage.  Note also what appears to be an intentional, GOOGLE media/internet to BLOCK, censor, downgrade, and fuzzy-up  responses (links, "hits") to the query, "Golddamn Sachs bet against clients.") 
  Similarly,  Goddamn-Sachs executives BRIBED bankers AND government officials in Greece,  to WHITEWASH, cover-up, mask,  and bury the REAL debt-load already hanging over those Greek banks and treasury... so GS could earny their fraudulent, predatory bonuses and commissions  selling BILLIONS MORE in debt ("loans") to those Greek bankers and treasury officials...

  Now, the worldwide REVULSION to  Goldman-Sachs BLATANTLY FRAUDULENT tactics - which are CLOSELY ALLIED WITH the ISRAEL WAR LOBBY's brutal tactics  - are begining to spill over into international, if not yet widespread, support for a BOYCOTT of the Jewish war state...
Israel Boycott Slammed By Newsweek's Jacob Weisberg: 'The Very Idea Is Repellent'
If you follow the news closely enough, you might have caught a small item recently noting that Meg Ryan had canceled a scheduled appearance at a film festival in Jerusalem to protest Israeli policy. This was significant not because anyone should care what the nose-crinkling movie star thinks about the Mideast but precisely because no one does. Ryan, a conventional Hollywood Democrat, is a barometer of celebrity politics. Her sort of sheeplike, liberal opinion once reflexively favored Israel. Now it's dabbling in the repellent idea of shunning the entire country.
Read the whole story: Newsweek    
note: Newsweek is owned by the very Neo-Con,  Jewish (Meyer/Graham dominant owners) Washington Post Group.  The Washington Post is a veritable CESSPIT of pro-war, pro GESTAPO TORTURE,  pro-police state, tax-cuts-for-rich IN TIME OF WAR, and pro STOLEN ELECTIONS  warmongering, dictatorial NY, DC, Tel Aviv autocrat war-state propaganda. 
  Insinuating that Meg Ryan is NOT a "thoughtful person" is typical of the pretend  high-brow, but actually low-brow Jewish "mainstream media"  SMEAR tactics, against anyone who doesn't support the Jewish war lobby (Israel war lobby, Likud) in lock-step submission. 

Monday, July 26, 2010

Obama's TREACHERY: his Financial 'Reform' Bill is GUARANTEED to RECREATE the RATINGS AGENCY FRAUDS, & FINANCIAL cover-ups, that led to the America's 2008 markets meltdowns...

 (note: In no way does our quoting, citing,  linking & embeding to Real News' interview with Professor William Black constitute an endorsement of  our "The Jewish Wars" blog by either Real News or Prof. Black, or any other sources we cite.  
  However, if no one else will MAKE THE CONNECTIONS between the FRAUDULENT, PREDATORY, and "FINANCIAL HOLOCAUST" policies discussed by Professor Black in this video interview... "FINANCIAL HOLOCAUST" policies being legislated by  the U.S. Congress, government, and White House,    and those who are MOST ENERGETICALLY endorse, support, and advocate for those "financial holocaust" policies - those whose FIRST LOYALTY is to Golddamn-Sachs & the JEWISH WAR LOBBY (which - the Jewish War Lobby,  &  GoddamnSachs Wall Street financial swindlers,  are one and the same)...     then we will have to.)   

The JEWISH ASSAULT ON AMERICA -  1990s S&L  bailouts (then called "Resolution Trust co.")  investigator Professor William K. Black explains how the  "of, by, and for GODDAMN-SACHS" administration
(Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Lawrence Summers, Gary Gensler,  Mary Schapiro,  Jacob Lew, Jared Bernstein, Tim Geithner,  et al, ad naseum)
is engaged in "a FINANCIAL HOLOCAUST"   against American consumers, investors, working families, and taxpayers,  because the Emanuel/obama administration's much touted, so called "Financial Reform bill"  IS A SHAM that GUARANTEES  A NEW ROUND of  FINANCIAL CRISIS...
  Obama's bill will _allow_  large hedge funds and big banks to  CONTINUE  BRIBING credit rating agencies to deliver FRAUDULENT credit ratings  and financial  reports,  that will ENABLE Goddamn-Sachs, JPM, and other connected large funds & mega-banks in their FUTURE efforts to DEFRAUD consumers & investors.
   The lax oversight and  new 'invitation-to-ratings-FRAUD' rules in Obama's so-called "Financial Reform" legislation, will  ENABLE Goddamn-Sachs, JPM,  and other large banks & hedge-funds to CONTINUE LOOTING  consumers, allowing them to sell trash, garbage, s*** securities to "rate-of-return" chasing pension-fund &  mutual-fund managers,
   who have been DECEIVED by the FRAUDULENT ratings issued by the Goddamn-Sachs'   in-the-pocket ratings agencies,  giving  triple-A (AAA) ratings,
 "as secure as government treasury bond"  ratings  to Goddamn-Sach's sheer financial trash.

 Keywords & terms to look for in Mr. Black's interview by RealNews:  
  • "A competition in Laxity" - the banks  BRIBE  ratings agencies to write NONSENSICAL "AAA" ratings for toxic 'securities'
  •   "Warren Buffet - owners of Moody's rating agency" - Mr. Buffet, the OWNER of one of the 3 large ratings agencies, PRETENDS NOT TO NOTICE the RAMPANT FRAUD his company dishes out, whenever the banks waive a new ratings contract under Moody's nose...
  •  (Mr. Buffet is ALLIED WITH the Goddamn-Sachs/Jewish War Lobby financial predators & Economic Hit Men  in the predatory financial ATTACKS on American investors, and on the American  economy)
  •  "Liar's loans,"  toxic-crud,"  "twenty-five levels LOWER than triple-A"
  •  "accounting firms and appraisers,"
  •  "Greshom's Dynamic - cheaters & least moral people prosper, drive honest examiners and accounting companies out of business"
  •  "the EPIDEMIC in mortgage fraud" - "causality" - warned in September 2004
  •   the Obama-'Democrats'  bill  IGNORES  WHITE COLLAR CRIME
  •  "somebody had a REALLY MALICIOUS sense of humor"
  •  "they put the new Consumer Protection Agency IN TO the Federal Reserve, THE LEADING OPPONENT of PROTECTING CONSUMERS"
  THE FEDERAL RESERVE is  DOMINATED BY Jewish owned banks & hedge funds (Besides Goddamn-Sachs, Bear-Stearns, Lehman Bros, Salomon Brothers, and other major Wall Street firms being blatantly Jewish owned companies, even the WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) side of  Wall Street - including   JP Morgan, Morgan-Stanley,  Rockefeller's Chase bank, and New York City bank (now Citi banking conglomerate)  have all  been 100+ year allies of the Rothschilds,  City-of-London based European banking cartel.  Many financial historians  suspect  these large, American "WASP" owned banks, especially JP Morgan, City, and Chase,   were merely  the front  banks for the Rothschilds cartel at the creation of the U.S Federal Reserve VERY PRIVATE banking cabal in 1913, which  "federal reserve"  USURPED the MONEY CREATION PROCESS from the US government as stipulated in Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution.) 

 Today, an experienced former government prosecutor is not creating hyperbole when he spills the beans that  the FED RESERVE very private banking cartel  is  HOSTILE to American consumers - it is a TITANIC THEFT and  FRAUD organization... just as it was set up to be nearly 100 years ago. Among the many tools in the Fed's arsenal to INTENTIONALLY DEFRAUD American consumers and investors, is  the Fed's setting up lax rules that ALLOW banks and large funds to  INTENTIONALLY declare BANKRUPTCY - FOR PROFIT... a travesty of  financial "responsibility" (much less the banksters' own favorite catch-phrase to describe the "toxicity" of  helping financial debeats..."moral hazard")  that has morphed, over the past ten years, into
the DIRECT EXTORTION of the American public by  "BAILOUTS" for bankrupt "too big to fail" bankers, via their bribed, extorted, and cowardly Congress...  
  "Looting: The Economic Underworld of BANKRUPTCY FOR PROFIT"
by George A. Akerlof, Paul M. Romer, The Brooking Institute, 1993

Sunday, July 25, 2010

AOL "News" spins revelations of years of US Government LIES about the Afghan War, as "Angry Reaction from White House." Obama co. PREPS the way for a RESTORATION of a Republican, Bush-Cheneyesque massively Dictatorial war administration...

 Note how today's AOL, America On-Line 'news' (corporate propaganda central)   parrots the Neo-Con (Jewish Wars)  talking points.... 
   focusing NOT  on the DUPLICITY and LIES of the US government in the conduct of the murderous Afghanistan war & occupation over the past 9 years,
 (details here - )
but instead, AOL 'news' focuses  on  "Pakistan's duplicity" and   "the Angry Reaction from the White House."

  Barack Obama, at the instigation of his "off, by, and for the Jewish war state & Golddamn-Sachs"  Rahm Emanuel, Lawrence Summers, Jared Bernstein, Ben Bernanke,  Gary Gensler, Elena Kagan,  Ronald Klain (et al)  administration, is treacherously  rolling out  a red carpet,  PAVING THE WAY   for, is
  ENABLING  a RESTORATION of  the next  massively dictatorial, Jewish War Lobby dominated  (Mukasey, Chertoff, Lieberman, Wolfowitz,  Perle, Feith, Libby, Bolton, Bolten et al)   Bush-Cheneyesque Republican Neo-Con police-state war   administration.
Note how the very warmongering, Jewish Sulzberger family  owned New York Times reports the findings disclosed in the Wiki-leaks modern "Pentagon Papers" disclosure - of Pentagon, that is War Department,  reports on the war:
The Times also said that Pakistan, which gets more than $1 billion a year in U.S. military aid to combat the insurgents, has allowed representatives of its spy agency, the ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) to meet directly with the Taliban "in secret strategy sessions to organize networks of militant groups that fight against American soldiers in Afghanistan, and even hatch plots to assassinate Afghan leaders.
 -  the MASS-MURDEROUSLY WARMONGERING Arthur Sulzberger NY Slimes rag FAILING to point out here, that  AMERICAN forces HAVE BEEN DEALING WITH TALIBAN GUNMEN and 'insurgents' for the past several years as well...  and that America's PUPPET election-stealing dictator in Afghanistan,  President Hamid Karzai, is the brother of one of Afghanistan's top opium & heroin smuggling drug-lords and trafickers! 
   The New York Times (and sister Jewish owned   rag in propaganda lies and warmongering, the Washington Post)  are positively NAZIesque in their Afghanistan war, warmongering 'reporting', straight out of Herr Goebbel's Nazi occupation playbook -
 - "Afghans KILLED BY AMERICAN bombs and bullets 'DON'T COUNT'" -
 ...while ANY policy atrocity dreamed up in Washington, Tel Aviv, or New York by the treacherous Jewish supremacist warmongering Likudniks and Neo-Cons, has the NY Times' (and Post's)  instantaneous stamp of approval -  even buying off TERRORIST, INSURGENT GUNMENT   to prevent their attacking supply convoys to US bases,   even propping up an American puppet  DICTATOR whose brother is a top drug traficking, heroin trafficking  warlord!

  THE  NY TIMES  HAS,  themselves, in October 2009, reported on the DUPLICITY of the U.S. & CIA paying off gunmen from  all  sides in Afghanistan war, including heroin trafficking warlords and anti-American resistance insurgents! - who it is well understood merely use their U.S. dollars to stockpile weapons, for future attacks on American targets, should the payouts stop or other circumstances change. 

How the U.S. Funds the Taliban

  by Aram Roston,
The Nation Magazine, Nov. 30, 2009 

Congressional Investigation Confirms: US Military Funds Afghan Warlords
Security for key US military supply routes in Afghanistan is in the hands of a small group of powerful Afghan warlords who run a massive protection racket and may be paying off the Taliban, according to a Congressional report being released Tuesday.

  Mathew Cole,,  March 2008:
"The U.S. is paying for both sides of the war in Afghanistan." 

Brother of Afghan Leader Said to Be Paid by C.I.A.
 October 27, 2009, The NEW YORK TIMES 
KABUL, AfghanistanAhmed Wali Karzai, the brother of  the Afghan president and a suspected player in the country’s booming illegal opium trade, gets regular payments from the Central Intelligence Agency, and has for much of the past eight years, according to current and former American officials...
The Taliban was a construct of the CIA and was armed by the CIA…., June 2008 

It is a matter of historical record that the “Taliban” were a construct of the CIA. Authors of history with an iota of intellectual honesty admit that fact. Those who have an agenda and want to demonize a population will leave out CIAs contributions to the world of West Asia.

The Taliban was a construct of the CIA and was armed by the CIA….Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher
It seemed like a great idea, back in the ’80s to– embolden– and train and equip– Taliban, mujahidin, jihadists against the Soviet Union, which had invaded Afghanistan. And with our help, and with the Pakistani support– this group– including, at that time, Bin Laden, defeated the Soviet Union. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Oct. 7th, 2009
Dana RoharbacherDana RoharbacherDana Roharbacher
During the House Committee on Foreign Affairs discussion recently. Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher named the Clinton administration, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia for creating the Taliban.
Let me repeat that: The Clinton administration, along with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, created the Taliban…”  Representative Dana Rohrabacher [Actually, in typical Right-Wing Republican fashion, Congressman Rohrabacher was lying: it was the REAGAN and BUSH-1 administrations, and the CIA, which helped create the Taliban in the 1980s, as a counter to the Russian invasion of Afghanistan.]
Dana Rohrabacher with the Taliban
If this seems strange to you then look closely at the picture and you will see Congressman Rohrabacher on the [left] dressed in Taliban garb. Mr. Karzai’s elder brother was a Taliban and both used to live in Quetta Pakistan. Part of his family still lives there. Mr. Hamid Kiimself is a self-professed Taliban who was proposed as the UN Ambassador of the Taliban government. During this days as a Conoco representative Mr. Karzai reportedly received lots of money from Enron and Conocoto get the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan pipeline off the ground.
Dana Rohrabacher is Congressman for 46th congressional district. The 46th district includes the whole of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, andAvalon on the island of Catalina. Also included are parts of Long Beach, San Pedro, Garden Grove, Santa Ana, and Westminster. Rohrabacher has accepted money from Jack Abramoff. He is pictured here with the Taliban.
Specifically, for the CIA, which effectively trained and funded the Mujahideen back in the 80s, the genie is now out of the bottle and is haunting them. The Americans and their intelligence establishment are reaping the whirlwind of a terrible and deadly legacy they had once sown in the hope that it would not affect them. In a phenomenon that is fast becoming a trend in Afghanistan, a sympathiser from the Afghan army carried out the attack. It would definitely add to NATO’s worry because it is the Afghan army personnel, who provide security to the foreign armies. This also shows the general hatred towards the US and its cohorts in Afghanistan. It is not just a particular group like the Taliban who want the Americans out but the ordinary Afghans as well who loathe their very presence.  Shireen Mazari writing in the The Nation.
Here is Secretary os state Hillary Clinton admitting that Osama Bin Laden was trained and supported by the US.

Clinton: While at the same time realizing that there’s a lot of other moving parts to this. And the United States, to some extent, has to acknowledge, being among the creators of the problem we are now dealing with. It seemed like a great idea, back in the ’80s to– embolden– and train and equip– Taliban, mujahidin, jihadists against the Soviet Union, which had invaded Afghanistan. And with our help, and with the Pakistani support– this group– including, at that time, Bin Laden, defeated the Soviet Union. Drove them out of Afghanistan, eventually. Saw the fall of the government that they had installed. And the rest we know. They eventually took over. But when we accomplished our primary mission of seeing the Soviet Union thrown out of Afghanistan, we withdrew. And we left the problems of a well-equipped, fundamentalist, ideological and religious group that had been battle hardened to the Afghans and the Pakistanis.
So, I think it’s understandable that people are saying, sort of, “Well, what’s your real commitment? What are you trying to accomplish? Do you understand the historical context and the regional geostrategic context?” So, I think it’s important to pose it as you do. Let’s look at it in the broader question. It’s not about do we put more troops in or not? Do we do this on economic development or not? You have to look at it in that broader context. WASHINGTON, Oct.  2009.  Hillary Clinton Interview Full Transcript. Katie Couric Interviews Secretary of State Clinton about Afghanistan and the Road Ahead By Katie Couric
The story of the CIA supporting the Taliban has been reportedly all over the press and is consecrated in many book. Sy Hersch as well as George Criel discussed the CIA connection at length The Taliban were a construct of the CIA! See Congressional records and visits to Texas ranches.
“In the 1980s, the CIA provided some $5 billion in military aid for Islamic fundamentalist rebels fighting the Soviet occupation in Afghanistan, but scaled down operations after Moscow pulled out in 1989. However, Selig Harrison of the DC-based Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars recently told a conference in London that the CIA created the Taliban “monster” by providing some $3 billion for the ultra-fundamentalist militia in their 1994-6 drive to power.” Times of India, March 7, 2001

Though Mr. Haqqani is much hated by the current White House and wants him killed, previous White House under President Reagan invited him and praised him. This picture shows the Afghans in the White House with President Reagan. Other Reagan-Afghan pictures used to be ubiqutous on the internet but have now vanished. The Taliban was a construct of the CIA and was armed by the CIA, ISI and the Saudis as a counter to a resurgent Russian-backed communist party andan antidote to the civil war in Afghanistan. Pakistan supported the Taliban in conjunction with the CIA who were arming it right up till 2000

 note the comment "Reagan-Afghan pictures USED TO BE UBIQUTIOUS on the internet, but have now vanished"